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Are Scalp Scrubs Healthy?

Knowing how important it is to maintain a clean scalp for optimal hair growth, you might wonder about adding scalp scrubs to your routine. There are different types of scrubs, and while one type is harmless, the other type should be avoided.

The first type of scrub is an exfoliating technique. You can purchase commercial products or whip up a scrub with little more than brown sugar and olive oil. The grittiness in the scrub helps to exfoliate the scalp, removing buildup and dirt. This type of scalp scrub is not only refreshing especially if you add a few drops of peppermint essential oil into your mix, but it’s also harmless. Some women alternate a shampoo with a scrub when they want to cleanse their scalps without stripping their hair.

You may also scrub your scalp with a scalp massaging brush. These brushes serve much the same purpose as the exfoliating scrubs. If you use one, make sure the bristles aren’t too hard or rough; you should never be in pain after rubbing it over your scalp.

The second type of scrub shouldn’t be done. This one involves “lifting” the scalp, usually with your fingernails. Some people who suffer from dandruff do this routinely, and while it may get rid of some of the flakes, it’s very unhealthy for the scalp. This severe scratching can cause breaks in the skin, leading to infection, which in turn may lead to hair thinning and loss. If you have a very itchy scalp, there are remedies to relieve the problem. Some are simple, while others require a visit to a doctor or dermatologist. Do not use your fingernails to scratch your scalp to lift dandruff or deal with itchiness.

If you really feel your scalp needs exfoliation or stimulation, massaging it with the balls of your fingers is the gentlest way to increase circulation.

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