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Add Moisture to Your Hair with Co-washing



In case you’re not yet familiar with the term co-washing, you may want to learn what it is and what it can do for your hair if you’re seeking healthier, more moisturized tresses.  Co-washing, or conditioner washing, is the process of cleaning your hair and scalp with conditioner only. Many shampoos contain sulfates to clean your hair, but these often-harsh detergents strip away the hair’s natural oils. While our sulfate-free HAIRFINITY Gentle Cleanse shampoo is gentler than most, some women prefer to skip these products altogether or alternate shampooing with co-washing.

In order to get the full benefits of co-washing, you should focus on your scalp as much as you do your hair. Wet your hair with water and slather it with a moisturizing conditioner. Use a comb or your fingers to work it through your tresses. Rub your scalp with the balls of your fingers to lift away any dirt, products and sebum, and then work your hands throughout the length of your hair. Rinse completely with water.  Co-washing is easier if your hair isn’t laden down with a lot of heavy products or buildup. Because it can safely be done more often than shampooing, buildup is rarely an issue. Women who co-wash tend to do it at least once per week.

How Often Should You Co-Wash?

Because this method is more gentle than shampooing, it’s usually safe to co-wash daily, especially if you exercise regularly and you’re concerned with perspiration buildup and odor. You can also co-wash once a week or whenever you want to refresh your style without shampooing. Using a moisturizing conditioner allows you to get the full benefits of this method. Whether you exclusively co-wash or alternate it with shampooing, your hair will likely remain softer and more moisturized since you’re not constantly washing away its natural oils. If you want to add a moisturizing co-wash to your routine, try our Balanced Moisture Conditioner.

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