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Hair Vitamins

This unique combination of vitamins, minerals and our exclusive CAPILSANA® Complex nourishes your hair from within, for longer, stronger more beautiful results. Loved by millions of women from all over the world.
HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins
Your Start To Healthy Hair

Hair Care Kits

Ultimate Revival Kit
Significantly Reduces Breakage
$80.00 $77.99
Deep Repairing Kit
Renews Moisture and Vitality
$60.00 $57.99
Cleanse And Condition Kit
The Healthy Hair Essentials
$40.00 $38.99
Nourish and Strengthen Kit
For Total Hair Care
$125.00 $119.99
Split End Mender Kit
Reverses Signs of Damage
$60.00 $57.99
Intense Hydration Kit
For Dry, Thirsty Hair
$96.00 $92.99
HAIRFINITY Hair Nourishing Kit
Nutrient boost from root to tip
HAIRFINITY Biotin Boost Kit
Infuses Biotin Directly Into the Hair
HAIRFINITY Soothe and Stimulate Kit
Give your hair the ultimate boost
“Experience” Box
Total Hair Makeover
$1,369.00 $250.00