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Beneath The Weave

Beneath The Weave
Hairfinity’s Beneath the Weave products are formulated with cooling, soothing ingredients to nourish your natural hair and scalp when extensions, weaves or protective styles are part of your look. Stops scalp itch while hydrating and refreshing. Can also be used without extensions for scalp protection and nourishment.
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Beneath The Weave Scalp Purifying Shampoo
Purify And Protect Kit
Scalp Therapy Stops Itching while Hydrating
NZD$73.00 NZD$68.00
Nourish And Protect Kit
Total Hair Nourishment
NZD$260.00 NZD$251.00
Ultimate Protection Kit
Defend From Breakage, Matting and Dryness
NZD$218.00 NZD$212.00
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