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Testimonials of Faster Hair Growth


September 01, 2016

Hello babies! I wanted to share the progress of my hair.
If you didn’t know, I went blonde drastically (by choice) and it definitely took a toll on my hair. My hair was down to my booty, but slowly just kept breaking off.
One of my girlfriends told me about @hairfinity and how awesome it worked for her, so I thought “hey why not? I’ll try it for 2 months and if it doesn’t do anything, I’ll just stop.” Well it’s been about 8 months later and im still taking @hairfinity and these photos are my results. The photo to the left was taken about 8months ago, and the photo to right was just taken a few days ago. Aside from taking the pills – I keep up with hair trims and haven’t dyed it at all. My hair isn’t crazy long, but it is longer and it feels healthier.
It’s all about patience! #hairfinity #progess #slowlybutsurely #thenandnow #beforeandafter

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