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How to Get a Smooth Roller Set



A roller set is not only a gentle way to straighten or style your hair, but it’s a good way to maintain body and fullness. Flat ironing tresses sometimes leaves them rather flat; plus, there’s the worry of heat damage whenever you use thermal tools. Learning how to roller set your hair gives you another option in hairstyling. At first, this method may seem too time-consuming and difficult, although your stylist makes it look easy. Once you master a few tips, your roller sets can give you professional results without the expense.

5 Tips for a Smooth Set 

  1. Choose the right product: Oil-based products aren’t ideal when roller setting your hair, especially wet setting. Instead, look for lightweight, water-based styling aids. Mousse and setting lotion give great hold while keeping frizz at bay.
  2. Completely detangle the ends: Before rolling, comb through the ends of your hair to straighten them out as much as possible. If you roll tangled hair, your results won’t be straight; instead, you’ll have tangled areas in your final style. When you place the roller on your ends, smooth them around it before you begin rolling.
  3. Work in small sections: Trying to roll too much hair onto each roller increases your drying time and has the potential to leave hair hanging off the roller sides, which won’t result in a sleek hairstyle. For the best results, have more than enough rollers on hand so you don’t have to fear running out.
  4. Maintain an even tension: When you roll each section, be careful to pull the hair taut around the roller as you work your way toward the scalp. Don’t do it tightly; simply try to maintain an even tension the entire time you roll.
  5. Let hair dry thoroughly: When wet setting your hair, it needs to dry completely before you remove the rollers. Sitting under a dryer greatly speeds up the process, but if you air dry, be prepared for an all-day drying session. If you take your rollers out while there’s any dampness, your hair will likely frizz.

It can take some practice to get this technique down, but once you learn how to roller set well, your hair will enjoy a healthy look and feel.

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