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Hair Care Kits

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Ultimate Revival Kit
Significantly Reduces Breakage
COP$340,000.00 COP$331,000.00
Deep Repairing Kit
Renews Moisture and Vitality
COP$240,000.00 COP$231,000.00
Cleanse And Condition Kit
The Healthy Hair Essentials
COP$140,000.00 COP$135,000.00
Nourish and Strengthen Kit
For Total Hair Care
COP$513,000.00 COP$493,000.00
Split End Mender Kit
Reverses Signs of Damage
COP$226,500.00 COP$218,000.00
Intense Hydration Kit
For Dry, Thirsty Hair
COP$402,500.00 COP$390,000.00
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