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Is Your Brush Damaging Your Hair?



Using a hair brush is seen as a convenient way to style and/or detangle hair; however, brushing hair incorrectly can result in split ends and damaged hair. Improper us of a hair brush, including plastic bobble-tipped brushes and boar bristle brushes, can cause some degree of damage and split ends when used to detangle hair. This is not the fault of the brushes per se; rather, the brushes are not being used correctly. A hair brushe with bristles placed too densely cannot sweep through tangled hair without ripping hairs out. The correct way to use brushes is not for detangling, but for polishing, distributing the hair’s natural oils and smoothing the hair after detangling.  Of course, the best hair brushes need to be very gentle on hair. For this, choose boar bristle tufts in your hair brushes because of the shine it leaves and its natural gentleness on the cuticle of the hair. Great for all hair types; and perfect for distributing the natural oils in the hair and scalp.

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