What You Should Know About Hair Density

What You Should Know About Hair Density

What You Should Know About Hair Density

Knowing as much as you possibly can about your hair helps you make the best product and care choices. Besides texture and porosity, hair density is another factor to consider when it comes to good hair care selections.

What Is Hair Density?

In short, density refers to how closely your hair strands are to one another. The closer they are, the denser your hair. How can you tell if your hair is low, average or high density? Because counting individual hairs in a small square area isn’t realistic, you can get a general idea of your hair’s density by sight and touch.

Access your hair after shampooing, conditioning and fully drying. Do this on hair that’s product-free and do not manipulate it beforehand. That means no combing or brushing. Now observe your hair from all angles. If you can easily see parts of your scalp showing through your hair, it’s low density. Next, smooth your hair back as if you’re styling a ponytail. Use a brush to make it as sleek as possible. If you couldn’t see your scalp before, but you do now, your hair is average or medium density. No parts of your scalp showing? You have high density hair.

Density vs. Thickness

Density doesn’t refer to the thickness of individual hair strands, only to the number of total hair strands in one area. It’s possible to have thin hair strands that are densely packed together, or thick hair strands on a head of hair that’s low density. When someone chooses hair products based solely on how her hair looks, thinking it’s just like someone else’s hair that looks similar, you can see how the results may differ based on factors you can’t readily see, such as density.

Being familiar with all of your hair’s aspects, from porosity to hair strand thickness to density, will help you make the best product and care selections for your specific needs.

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