What is a hair patch?

What is a Hair Patch, and how long can it last?

What is a hair patch and how long can it last?

A hair patch is a solution for hair loss. It's an innovative application for covering baldness that does not involve surgery. They are small pieces of human hair but can also be made from synthetic fibers and attached to the scalp to create an appearance of full hair. These patches usually cannot be worn while swimming or showering but can otherwise be worn day or night and removed at home with relative ease.

Hair patches are often available in various colors, sizes, and styles. They are mostly available in light brown, dark brown, and black. The size and type to choose will depend on how large or small the bald area is and where it is located. Therefore, it's essential to diligently sort out the color, size, and style that will fit you.

A hair patch is usually the last resort for women and men suffering from severe balding. It helps rebuild their confidence and gives them the luxuriant head of hair that they've always wanted. The hair patch industry is vast, as many people prefer this solution to surgical treatments.

How Is A Hair Patch Attached?

Hair patch attachment methods vary depending on the size of the patch, where it is located on the scalp and the type of hair used for the patch.

There are there ways in which hair patches can be attached they are attached either;

  • Through Clips

Hair patches are attached using clips if they are small and cover a small area of baldness. Clips can be easily removed when needed. The clip-on method is best suited for people who engage in strenuous activities or those who get allergic reactions to chemicals or glues.

  • Adhesive or Glue

Hair patches are attached using adhesive or glue if they are large and cover a significant area of baldness. The adhesive used with hair replacement systems is generally medical-grade and harmless to your hair and scalp. 

It would be best not to use adhesives without guidance from a professional at a salon or clinic, as incorrect usage can result in skin irritation, rashes, injury to existing hair, etc.

  • Through Tape

Hair patches are attached using tape if they have minimal coverage of baldness but still require some amount of bonding with existing hair. The tape used for connecting a hair patch is usually double-sided so that it does not cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp when worn for extended periods (up to 2 weeks).


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How Long Can a Hair Patch Last?

The first step is to understand the quality of hair and the treatment given. The hair patch can last for up to five years, but it depends on how well you care for your hair. 

Generally speaking, most men and women report that they use hair patches for up to five years before they need to replace them. This is dependent on the quality of hair and the treatment you give it once it's attached.

If you choose the right product and care for your hair patch, a synthetic or human hair patch can last for five years. An excellent way to extend its lifespan is by using a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for hair patches.


How to Get a Quality Hair Patch That Will Last Long

Most of the time, the quality of a hair patch depends on the cost of the hair patch. The better and high-quality hair is used in a hair patch, the more expensive it will be, but you will have to spend more money. If you go for cheaper ones, they might likely not last long. Not only that, more affordable hair patches look artificial and unnatural.

If you want to purchase for personal use, you can go for better-quality ones that look natural on your head. If it's for business purposes, it's okay to use artificial-looking ones because they can be sold at cheaper rates. 

The cost of good quality patches may seem higher than transplants initially, but in the long run, they turn out to be less expensive because once you purchase them, you can use them for a long time if taken care of properly.

How to Maintain a Hair Patch

For your hair patch to last long, there's a need for you to maintain it well. I'd show you ways that you can adopt in maintaining your hair patch. 

  • Nourish the hair patch
  • Keep your hair patch clean
  • Condition your hair patch
  • Try washing your hair patch with a neem solution
  • Wash your hair patch regularly. Use a mild shampoo, and be very gentle while washing and drying it. Avoid rubbing vigorously or using harsh chemicals in the hair patch while taking care of it, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Also, use a conditioner designed for color-treated or damaged hair on the thinning parts of your scalp to help keep the sensitive skin healthy and prevent further damage and baldness over time.
  • Clean the hair patch
  • Shampoo and condition it. Make sure you're using a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair since dyed patches are prone to fading. Distribute the product with a fine-tooth comb, making sure to get the ends of each strand.
  • Rinse thoroughly. You don't want any leftover product to be mucking up your patch.
  • Pat dry with a towel, then let it air dry for at least 20 minutes before styling.
  • Keep the thinning hair on top away from your hair patch.

To keep the thinning hair on top away from your hair patch, you can:

  • Keep the length of your hair on top of your scalp short. Longer hair will be more likely to fall over the top of the patch.
  • Use a brush to keep any loose hairs away from your hair patch, especially if you are going out in public.
  • Use water or alcohol-based gel or wax to ensure that all of your hair stays in place and doesn't cover up your beautiful new patch.
  • Manage the thinning hair around your hair patch

Unfortunately, there may come a time when your hair patch is not enough to cover the thinning hair. This can be because of:

  1. A change in your hairstyle. If you change your hair to a shorter style that exposes more of the top of your head, it might be harder to hide the baldness with a hair patch.
  2. The thinning hair is worse than it used to be. If you find yourself having trouble making sure that the bald spots are entirely covered by the hair patch, this might mean that your thinning hair has worsened and no longer fits under a standard-sized patch.
  3. The edges of the patch are becoming visible. Over time, some people find their skin texture changing around their remaining natural hair so that they cannot keep edges concealed as effectively as before.

In these cases and others where you don't have enough natural coverage on top of your head, you should use other techniques to reduce visibility and make yourself look more presentable and professional in public settings:

  • Avoid using any styling products on top of your head (e.g., gel or mousse). Styling products tend to highlight issues with scalp visibility by making everything look slippery and unnatural up there.
  • Hair patches need to be maintained carefully.

There are several other essential things to pay attention to when maintaining your hair patch. You should wash it regularly, just like you would your regular hair. If you don't want the thinning hair on top of your head to make its way down onto your hair patch, avoid touching or manipulating this area as much as possible. 

Additionally, you can use protein creams and hair lotions on the thinning hair around the edge of your patch in order to keep it from becoming too brittle and frayed. It's important that the hair immediately surrounding your patch doesn't become damaged and frayed; otherwise, it will be noticeable that you are wearing a patch when they don't match up.


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Disadvantages of Hair Patch

A hair patch is a quick and semi-permanent solution for a bald person. One of the advantages of a hair patch is that it can give you an instant solution to your problem. For example, if you have to attend a wedding or any social function the very next day and don't have time to take care of your scalp, then you can apply a hair patch and get ready for your social event without worrying about covering your bald head.

However, there are also disadvantages of using hair patches, and some of them are explained below:

  • It doesn't treat hair loss

Wearing a hair patch does not help in treating hair loss. It is a temporary solution to cover your baldness. There is no scientific evidence that wearing a hairpiece helps grow your hair or prevents further hair loss.

It is necessary to realize that the entire process of hair patching involves covering the bald area with artificial human or synthetic fibers, and it cannot stimulate the regrowth of new follicles. 

This process can only help hide the baldness but cannot cure it permanently. The best solution for permanent baldness treatment or patterned alopecia should be curing them of their root cause.

  •  They can be detected 

If you do not match your skin color, it is self-evident when wearing a hair patch.

For example, if your skin is light and you use a dark brown hair patch, it will stick out like a sore thumb. People may notice and comment on the color of your hair patch. A solution to this problem would be to find a hair patch that matches your skin tone exactly or as close as possible.

  • They can wear out by washing

Some types of hair patches can be worn out by washing. For example, if you are using a mesh hair patch, it's essential to wash it carefully so as not to disrupt the mesh and cause dents or holes in the fibers.

Another way that hair patches can wear out is through friction with your clothes, bedding, pillows, headwear, hands, and other objects. If you're rubbing a piece of fabric against the patches repeatedly over time, they will inevitably become damaged unless you stop or change your pattern. 

You may find that certain fabrics move more freely against each other than others do; for instance, combing your fingers through cotton yarn is less likely to damage a mesh wig than would be combing your fingers through wool yarn.

  • People can detect your hair patch by patting your head with your hands

You can easily detect a hair patch by touching it with your hand because it is not glued well and may come off easily. It is not attached evenly, so you can feel that it is not natural hair. Moreover, you can feel that the synthetic hair falls off very quickly. Sometimes, the hair patch may not be attached well to the scalp.

  • Risks due to chemicals used to attach the hair patch

Chemical usage can have side effects. If the adhesive or tape is chemically adverse to your hair or scalp, you may experience skin irritation. The glue attached to the patch can lead to allergic reactions and burning sensations. It would help if you also considered that some of these chemicals could cause your patch to fall off, so be sure you're using an attachment method that's right for you and your hair type.

  • You cannot shower or swim wearing a hair patch

There are different hair patches, and some of them might likely not permit swimming or showering with them as they may cause discomfort to your scalp or lead to irritation.



A hair patch is an option that can make one regain their sense of confidence, and it's effortless to put on as the application is quite similar to applying wigs. 

Furthermore, for a hair patch to last long, it's imperative to keep it clean, or else it will be ineffective and useless. And also, it's advisable to go for quality hair patches as it will save the owner from unnecessary stress.