Start Small, Reinvest and Watch it Grow! (VIDEO)

Start Small, Reinvest and Watch it Grow! (VIDEO)

There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention.  When you learn what inspired the innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit behind self launched businesses from Starbucks to FedEx and our very own HAIRFINITY there is a common thread.

Those companies were founded by visionaries who:

  1. Identified a need
  2. Used their talents and abilities to manifest their visions
  3. Worked tirelessly to achieve their goal – despite limitations

HAIRFINITY founder, Tymeka Lawrence, was recently featured on the Steve Harvey Show.  The show’s focus was on entrepreneurs who pursued their passion against all odds and attained great success. Those entrepreneurs graciously shared their KEYS to SUCCESS with viewers.

Happy Hair Growing

Like many women Tymeka struggled with hair that was frequently breaking and damaged. She had always been curious about why this was happening and what could be done to stop it.  When her daughter Jasmine encountered these same issues Tymeka sprung into action.  Fast forward to current day.  What began as an online forum that provided women with hair tips and nutritional information relevant to healthy hair growth is now a multi-national company with millions of customers worldwide.



While on the show Tymeka shared her humble beginnings as well as jewels of wisdom that helped her achieve success in the ultra competitive beauty industry.   Obviously Tymeka is resourceful – learning how hair grows and what causes it to thrive wasn’t exactly her studied field.  However, there was a problem that required a solution and she is a natural problem solver. Take a look at Tymeka’s tips for entrepreneurial success.

Be Accountable – take responsibility for everything whether good or bad.  Accountability is the best way to ensure that YOU are in control of your life and you will learn from your mistakes.

Start Small – Everyone wants to be the best and the biggest but you should use the resources available to you and avoid massive debt.  

Every successful person has experienced failure, but it’s easy to get back up if you don’t have to climb out of a hole.  Start small, reinvest in the business and watch it grow!

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