Rice Water for Hair Growth: What Experts Wants You to Know

Rice Water for Hair Growth: What Experts Wants You to Know

Rice Water for Hair Growth

Rice is easily the most consumed grain food in the world. However, not many people know it has uses beyond consumption as a food. 

Rice water is high in nutrients that relieve inflammation and dryness. The Yao Village Women of Huangpu, China, and Japanese court women have utilized rice water to enhance hair elasticity and growth dating back to the 9th century.

However, in recent times, rice water for hair growth garnered the attention of the mainstream population thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, Cardi B, and other online influencers. Almost every cosmetic website is filled with stories about rice water and its benefits.  

Many cosmetic dermatologists have analyzed the importance of rice water for hair growth in many of their papers. One of the most prominent such studies is the one carried out by Michelle Green. In her studies backed by historical evidence, Michelle Green discovered and concluded that rice water contains essential nutrients necessary for hair growth. 

If you have been searching for information about rice water and its impacts on hair growth and treatment of ailments, you are at the right place. Here’s what we know about rice water and its use for hair growth. 


How Does Rice Water Help Hair Growth?

To understand why this water has become very important in hair treatment, we must analyze some nutritional facts about rice water itself. 

Research has shown that rice water contains several nutrients necessary for hair growth. From folic acids, vitamins, and magnesium, to niacin; rice water contains nutrients that have been proven over time to trigger hair growth, increase hair strength, and reduce hair loss. Below, we discuss the composition of this magical fluid. 


The Basic Composition of Rice Water

Rice water refers to the liquid water leftover after washing rice. Below are some nutrients you can get from rice water and how they impact hair growth. 

  • Amino acids: 

Rice water, especially fermented ones, is very rich in amino acids. Amino acids are useful in strengthening hair roots and making the hair shiny.

  • Niacin

Research has shown that niacin helps prevent dry hair. Apart from preventing your hair from drying, niacin is also a DNA correcting agent that can repair damage made on your hair from oxidative stressors. 

  • Vitamin B8

Vitamin B8 is a very important nutrient essential for the overall health of your hair. It contains elements that prevent hair fall, treat Sorborea, and lead to overall healthier hair. 

  • Folic acid

Folic acids help to trigger the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells trigger faster hair growth through a quick cell division process. 

  • Magnesium: 

This nutrient helps remove calcium deposits from hard water on the hair and revitalizes hair cells. 


Rice Water Hair Mist for hair growth

Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair Growth

According to Green, with the help of rice water, you can restore some of the damage that may have resulted from poor habits, use of hot styling hair techniques and harmful hair products that can cause your scalp to become dry and your hair follicles to be damaged. Green further explained that as long as your scalp continues to be in a neat and excellent condition, you can expect to have healthy, strong, lustrous hair that grows.

The advantages of rice water for hair and skin are incredible. A recent study found that rice water has effects such as reducing surface grinding and increasing hair flexibility. Rice water contains inositol, a sugar that helps heal and protect damaged hair follicles. 

It's noteworthy that scientific study on the efficacy of rice water in promoting hair growth is still ongoing. However, most advocates of using rice water believe that using rice water for hair growth can help in the following ways: 

  • Very Affordable and Easy to Prepare
  • It's incredibly cheap and simple! Rice water conditioners may be made at home by anyone. Furthermore, it is 100% natural and a safer alternative to chemical-based conditioners. If you want to use rice water but avoid the smell that can come along with it, try using HAIRFINITY Rice Water Hair Mist instead. It contains a powerful rice extract rich in proteins that provides the same benefits as straight rice water without any smell.

  • Hair Cleaning Agent
  • Washing your hair with rice water adds luster and helps to keep your hair strong and healthy. Pour the rice water on your hair after shampooing. Massage your scalp and hair gently, then thoroughly rinse with cold water. HAIRFINITY Rice Water Shampoo is a perfect alternative. It is formulated with a powerful rice extract, this luxurious shampoo helps revitalize skin, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair.

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  • Serves as a Conditioner for Hair
  • Rice water is useful for hair conditioning. Put a small amount of essential oil into the rice water and rub it all over your hair. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with water. You could also try HAIRFINITY Rice Water Conditioner, formulated with a powerful extract, this hydrating conditioner helps revitalize skin, increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. It is also infused with collagen, keratin, jojoba oil, biotin, coconut oil and honey.

  • Makes the Hair Stronger 
  • Research conducted by Dermatologist Michelle Green, MD, has shown that rice water contains nutrients and vitamins that strengthen the hair follicles. 

  • Rice Water Increases Hair Length
  • Women in several Chinese villages with knee-length hair have attributed their hair length to rice water's application in its treatment- thanks to the presence of amino acids in rice water. 

  • It Helps by Increasing Hair Elasticity
  • Thanks to the presence of inositol in rice water, the surface friction of your hair is greatly reduced, improving elasticity. A normal, healthy hair should return to its original shape after disturbance. 

  • It Helps in Detangling the Hair
  • Rice water serves as a leave-in conditioner that helps make the hair smooth and prevents the hair from sticking together. 

  • Increases Hair Protein
  • Amino acids are the building blocks of hair protein. Their availability in rice water helps to increase the protein level of hair. 

  • Makes the Hair Shine
  • Rice water is rich in minerals and vitamins, which have a number of beneficial effects on the skin and hair. The presence of amino acids helps to strengthen hair roots, give shine, and make hair smooth and silky.


    What are experts saying about rice water for hair growth: Facts or fiction? 

    Hollywood celebrities' popularization of the rice water magic wand has triggered several research interests in the usefulness of rice water for hair growth. 

    In Japan, where the practice of using rice water for hair growth was believed to be originated, scientists in collaboration with professional cosmetic dermatologists have discovered that inositol, a nutrient found in rice water, is important for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss. This group of researchers made use of imaging technologies to perform this experiment. 

    Another important research most commonly referenced by proponents of rice water for hair growth is a 2010 paper suggesting that rice water reduces hair surface friction and improves hair elasticity. 

    Hair growth benefits of rice water have been well documented by several respectable studies. However, the majority of the data is based on historical documents and not scientific proof. 

    While there may not be scientific evidence to support the usefulness of rice water for hair growth, it does not make the notion false because many researchers are currently carrying out experiments on that. 

    The bottom line, however, is despite the mass hysteria about the potency of rice water for hair, for now, it is still a hypothesis because there is no empirical evidence to support it. However, in a few years, we expect a full scientific stance on rice water for hair growth. 


    How to prepare rice water for hair growth

    How to Prepare Rice Water for Hair Growth

    There are several methods of preparing rice water for hair growth. Below are some of the methods

  • Soaking

  • Soaking is the most popular way of preparing rice water for hair growth. Here’s how it is done.

    Step1: Fetch half cup of rice. For this purpose, raw white rice is preferable to red or brown rice.

    Step2: Rinse the rice very well

    Step 3: Put the rice in a bowl and allow it to soak for 45 mins. 

    Step 4: Squeeze the rice and filter out the grain from the water after soaking. The recovered water must be milky in color. This means that a significant amount of protein and nutrients have been preserved in the water.

    After soaking the rice, you can now use it to wash your hair. Although soaking your rice for 45 mins is OK, another school of thought has discovered that allowing the rice to ferment will help increase the antioxidants, which helps prevent skin loss. Fermenting your rice takes the same process as soaking, just that you will allow the rice to be soaked for two days. 

    For fermented rice, users must take caution. Fermented rice water is far too powerful to use on your hair; therefore, it is wise to dilute before application. If you feel your hair becoming dry and frail after using rice water, consider combining it with your favorite oil.

  • Boiling

  • Another way of preparing rice water for hair growth is boiling the rice. 

    Step 1: Fetch half cup of rice and wash it well. 

    Step 2: Pour the rice into a pot and allow it to boil for a few minutes (add lemon to get rid of odor). 

    Step 3: Boil the rice for about 6 minutes. 

    Step 4:  Stop the boiling, and pour the rice water into a bowl to allow it to cool down. 

    Step5: After it has cooled down, you can now use it or pour it into an airtight container for storage. 

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    How to Apply Rice Water for Hair Growth

    Now that you have prepared your rice water, the next step is to apply it. While there are many methods adopted in the application, here's the most popular method: 

    • Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo. 
    • Use clean water to rinse your hair. Preferably under tap water. 
    • Fetch the rice water and pour it on our hair. 
    • Gently massage the rice water. 
    • Allow it to stay for some time, about 30 minutes. 
    • Rinse your hair again to remove the rice water. 


    Side Effects of Rice Water On Hair

    Long-term dangers are unlikely, although rice water may generate residue that accumulates and makes hair appear lifeless. Dermatologists recommend just performing this treatment once a week to minimize residue buildup. If you're unclear whether it's suitable for you, see your dermatologist.

    Another concern is the effect of rice water on hairs with low porosity; hair with a low porosity refers to hair that hardly absorbs moisture, while hair with a high porosity easily absorbs moisture. Protein overload is also an issue of concern; the solution is to not keep the rice water on your hair for too long, especially for those with high hair porosity. 

    Based on the research carried out by dermatologist Michelle Greene, rice water does not have any side effects on hair types- you can use it for all hair types. 

    However, using rice water is a homemade remedy that may not work for everyone; if you discover any irregularities or dullness in your hair color, it is advisable to withdraw usage immediately. 

    How Long Does It Take For Rice Water to Grow Your Hair?

    As with all home remedies, using rice water for hair treatment may work differently for individuals based on some unique factors. However, suppose you have followed all the steps properly and applied the water at least twice a week. In that case, you should be expecting results within three to four weeks of consistent usage. If you did not observe any change after four weeks of continuous usage, it is advisable to discontinue usage. 



    Although you may want to leave rice water in your hair throughout the night if you wish to try something new, there has been no scientific research that suggests that leaving rice water in your hair would make your hair grow well.

    Your genetics play a crucial role in hair growth. This truth has been proved by scientists and is well recorded. Scientists have also proved that human hair grows at a pace of 1/2 inch each month on average, and this is only true if the individual is physically well and lives a hair-growth-friendly lifestyle.

    Some believe that rice water has a smoothing or softening impact on the hair cuticles. That may be true for some people, but there is no accepted scientific evidence to back those claims.