Losing Hair? Eat These Nine Foods to Prevent Hair Fall

Losing Hair? Eat These Nine Foods to Prevent Hair Fall

Fuller and healthy hair are what everyone loves to have, regardless of gender. However, lots of people have at one time experienced some symptoms of hair loss. What we often overlook is the fact that nutrition and lifestyle have a significant impact on both hair growth and loss. 

Even if you frequently shampoo, oil and brush your hair and also use natural hair treatments, internal nutrition is just as crucial as outward care. Most times, you could follow a good hair care routine, and you will still have hair-related problems. But by consistently following certain nutrient-rich foods that are proven to maintain the health of your hair and even prevent hair loss, you'll see a difference. You'll notice a change if you include these foods for hair regrowth into your everyday diet.

However, before we go into more details about these essential diets, it's necessary to know exactly when you're experiencing abnormal hair loss.


When is Hair Fall No Longer a Natural Phenomenon?

An excessive hair fall occurs when a person exceeds the range of hair strands a person can lose daily. The approved range is within 100-150 strands of hair per day. 

In such a scenario where one exceeds the provided range, hair fall is no longer considered a natural phenomenon and demands urgent care and attention. 

Hair fall can be a medical or genetic issue, and it may not. Sometimes, hair fall occurs due to stress, hormonal changes ( especially for women), lack of a balanced diet, and so on.

Our diet either contributes to the growth of our hair or retard the growth of our hair, i.e., it can either prevent hair fall or triggers an unnecessary fall of hair strands.

If you're already experiencing hair loss, it's important to eat foods that can help you stop hair fall immediately due to the nutrients they contain. 

Also, you don't have to wait till you start experiencing hair fall before incorporating them into your daily diets. 

We will be discussing examples of some of those essential diets below.


Nine (9) Foods That Can Help Stop Hair Fall Immediately   

  1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables contain nutrients (Vitamins and minerals) that can stop hair falls immediately, such as Vitamin A, Iron, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, and Folate. Of all these nutrients, people most commonly suffer from Iron deficiency according to the World health organization (W.H.O).

Iron is responsible for blood supply and circulation to the scalp and hair follicles, thus supporting a healthy hair environment. In addition to that, oxygen gets to the hair through Iron too. 

Fortunately, green vegetables are known to contain a large amount of Iron. Cherish them and include them in your diet. You can make them as soup. You can also drink it as a smoothie by blending it with other nutritious foods such as dairy products (e.g., Milk).

Examples of green vegetables include Kale, Collards, and Spinach.

Spinach is rich in Iron, and is essential for stimulating the production of red blood cells, and responsible for oxygen and blood circulation to the scalp. Spinach also contains vitamin A, which is responsible for a natural well-moisturizing hair due to the production of Sebum (an oily substance) by the skin glands.

Other nutritional elements in Spinach include Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

You can incorporate spinach into your diet by topping it on salads or making a soup. If you do not like chewing Spinach, you can make it as a smoothie. Spinach is among the must go-to-option foods you can eat to stop hair falls immediately.


  1. Nuts and Seeds

Both are a perfect combination of nutritional fortifications such as Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, copper, zinc, protein, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and so on.

Generally, we have several kinds of nuts. Most nuts are rich in excellent nutrients needed for hair growth. They are rich in nutrients such as Vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the hair. 

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Examples of nuts and seeds

- Walnuts ( an example of a nut) are a great source of essential elements that hair needs, which help improve hair growth and blood circulation on the scalp. Such nutrients include the Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Walnuts are also rich in vitamin B1, B6, B9, magnesium, and proteins, which support healthy hair growth.

- Sunflower seeds contain vitamin B6, which helps prevent thinning hair and premature greying. They are also rich in Vitamin E, which helps stop hair fall immediately due to the powerful antioxidant they contain. They're also an excellent source of copper, an essential mineral that plays a role in the production of melanin (the pigment responsible for your skin color). Sunflowers have high levels of these essential minerals, which can help make stronger hair follicles and prevent them from falling out.


  1. Fruits

In addition to contributing to the general welfare of the body, certain fruits are also helpful for healthy hair. These fruits are rich in antioxidants that can help prevent hair falls due to their high levels of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a factor responsible for iron absorption and an excellent nutrient remedy for hair fall.

A regular intake of fruits like those listed above will help stop hair fall immediately and promote a healthy scalp and hair.

Examples of fruits you can eat to stop hair fall immediately.

  • Berries 

They have a strong antioxidant effect since it's a perfect source of Vitamin C. 

Also, berries have anti-inflammatory properties that make them great for reducing irritation or inflammation caused by dandruff and seborrhea dermatitis, which can cause hair loss when left untreated.

  • Carrots  

This fruit is rich in Vitamin A. A frequent intake of carrots nourishes your scalp. Carrot also contains essential elements that can maintain moisturized hair. Hence, if your hair is very dry, eat carrots daily to keep it moisturized; it will, in turn, stop hair fall in case that happens to be the factor responsible for the hair fall.

  • Avocado 

This is an excellent source of fatty acid and vitamin E that can stop hair fall.

  • Prunes

They are a great source of Iron. One of the immediate cures for excessive hair falls due to lack of a balanced diet or stress is consuming foods rich in Iron. It would help to consider including fruits such as prunes in your diet. Furthermore, the prunes help strengthen hair and help maintain cool hair color.

  • Guavas and oranges 

Are excellent sources of Vitamin C, which helps prevent the premature weakening of hair strands. Thus, preventing excessive hair falls. Guava leaves also are beneficial to hair growth as they improve collagen performance.


  1. Fatty fish - Salmon, Mackerel, etc.

Fatty fish contain essential nutrients that are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, and vitamins. Thus, enabling a healthy environment for the hair. 

Furthermore, they assist in the nourishment of scalp tissue, which keeps your hair follicles healthier and stronger. For instance, the iron content found in salmon provides the Iron needed to produce red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body and even to the hair. 

Thus, adding salmon to your diet can help prevent hair fall.


  1. Sweet Potatoes

This particular food contains Vitamin A and beta-carotene. The body absorbs beta-carotene by converting it to Vitamin A.

Benefits of sweet potatoes to the hair include strengthening hair and producing Sebum. Sebum helps keep the hair moisturized, hence, you should start integrating sweet potatoes into your frequent food intake.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are easy to cook; you can spice them up by garnishing them with your favorite vegetables.


  1. Oysters

Oysters are high in Zinc, which is an essential mineral for hair. Zinc deficiency can retard the healthy growth of hair and may slow down the developmental stages. So getting enough Zinc is important.

Oysters are also a good source of protein, a building block for hair health, and they contain vitamin B12, B6, and B3—all nutrients that aid healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in promoting the growth of hair and preventing hair loss as it prevents anemia, one of the reasons for thinning or brittle hair.

Oysters are also copper-rich, promoting healthy collagen production for strong hair follicles.

Include oysters in your diet today and stop hair fall immediately. 


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  1. Poultry ( Chicken and Eggs)

Poultry is a great source of protein that can reduce the rate at which hair falls occur daily. Nutrients found in chicken and eggs make for thicker hair.

Generally, eggs are very nutritious to the body. They consist of several minerals and vitamins that also benefit the hair. Examples of these nutrients include protein, biotin, zinc, and selenium.

Protein is a building block for hair; fortunately, eggs are a good source of protein. Protein can combine with other essential elements that can stop hair fall immediately. 

Biotin supplies keratin (hair protein) to the hair. On the other hand, selenium can help avoid premature greying of hairs. It does that by removing free radicals, thus, leaving an individual with shining black hair.

Note: The deficiency of protein in one's diet is unhealthy for the hair. 


  1. Oats

Oats contain many nutritional fortifications essential for healthy hair growth, such as zinc, iron, copper, omega-6 fatty acids, and selenium. 

Zinc plays an important role in regulating the hormones related to hair growth like testosterone which promotes hair fall if there's an imbalance in its production or secretion from the body.

One can eat oats in the form of porridge, also known as oatmeal. For those unfamiliar with oatmeal, it's a breakfast dish made of oats, water, and spices. You can also add sugar based on preference.


  1. Diary Products

Dairy products contain Vitamins and minerals that provide the scalp, roots of the hair, tip of the hair, and the body of the hair with the needed nutritional fortifications. 

The needed nutritional fortifications will ensure that the hair falls stop immediately.

Examples of dairy products include Milk, Yoghurt, and cheese.

Other foods you can eat to stop hair fall immediately include beans, meat, lentils, chickpeas, kiwi, black beans, rajma, flax seeds, almonds, e.t.c.


You Can Eat Your Way To Healthier Hair

It's true! Eating a variety of foods for a balanced diet will help you stay healthy and strong, which means that your hair will be in tip-top shape too. Different people have different hair types: some have thin, fine, curly, or coarse and dry hair, while others have thick, straight, or oily and dry hair. 

But whatever type of hair you have, certain foods are good for all types. Some foods will help grow it longer; others will help grow it faster or stronger. And if you're suffering from loss of color due to aging or over-processing (or even just normal wear And tear), there are specific vitamins that can make the difference between dull locks and bright ones!



So, if you're looking for what to do to prevent hair fall immediately, it's clear that nutrition is a key factor. Rather than eating foods that will contribute to unnecessary hair fall, you can incorporate healthy foods that can stop hair fall immediately in your daily feeding. 

However, always make sure to maintain a balanced diet. Too much intake of certain nutrients can be detrimental to your hair and, generally, your body when not moderated.

Another way to ensure that your hair is getting all the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs to grow is to take a hair-specific multi-vitamin like Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins.  Formulated with our exclusive Capilsana Complex® blend, Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins specifically targets your hair, with mega doses of the nutrients we know hair needs. The result is a beautiful head of hair that you can be proud of. Don't like swallowing pills? Try Hairfinity Candilocks Chewable Hair Vitamins instead!

If you are experiencing hair fall that may not be due to a lack of a balanced diet and needs more help than just food alone will provide, consider seeking professional assistance from an experienced therapist who specializes in treating these issues.