How to Get Thicker Hair

How to Get Thicker Hair

Do you want healthier, thicker hair? Almost everyone wants to flaunt full and lush hair, after all, thick hair elevates your look. This brings us to the most asked question:

How to get thicker hair?

While flipping through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine, you may have marveled at the luminous strands of models and TV celebrities and silently wonder if you can ever get thick and long hair for once. Of course, you will have to do some hard work to get thick, voluminous hair that will turn even Rapunzel green with envy.

In this article, we have brought some tried-and-tested tips for fuller hair that will help you take better care of your hair and make them thicker and stronger.

Easy-to-Follow Tips for Getting Thicker Hair


Many people have the habit of randomly picking up the bottle of shampoo from a shelf in a superstore. If you are of one such people, you must change your habit. Many shampoo and other hair products contain harsh chemicals that damage your hair quite badly.

You will occasionally find two main types of sulfates in your shampoo – sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. These sulfates are added to remove dirt and oil from your hair. And while they are effective in this regard, they also come with quite a few disadvantages. For one, they also wash away natural oils from your scalp.

And since the shampoo has stripped away the moisture from hair fibers, your hair will now appear more frizzy and dull. Many experts advise people to start using sulfate-free shampoo as it maintains the natural oils on hair and the scalp, keeping the hair moisturized. Using sulfate-free shampoo such as Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is a great way to maintain healthy, balanced, and shiny hair.

Another reason for using this shampoo is its natural ingredients such as aloe vera, marigold extract, horsetail, essential oils, etc., that go a long way in maintaining the health of hair. To protect your hair from chemical damage, it is best to use a product that is free from them. And on that basis, Hairfinity Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is an ideal option to consider.


Vitamins deficiency in the body is the main culprit behind the uncontrollable thinning of hair. If you are using the best hair products and are still unable to get the best hair results, it’s time you started taking supplements for hair growth. The regular intake of the supplement will support the health of your hair follicles. Dietary supplements are also a great way to boost your hair routine to get thicker hair in a shorter time. Hairfinity Volume Builder Amino Acid Booster is an ideal product that is packed with beneficial amino acids that are vital for the health of your hair. Here is a quick roundup of the key ingredients these supplements contain and a brief summary of their benefits:

  1. Cystine:

Hairfinity Volume Builder Amino Acid Booster is packed with powerful and highly effective type of amino-acid, Cystine. This ingredient is called the building block of the keratin, which is a fibrous protein that is responsible for making up hair structure. Cystine helps you maintain sufficient keratin structures to strengthen your hair and protect them from breakage. It also has the ability to create disulfide bonds that hold keratin together and retain moisture. If you don’t have enough intake of this essential amino acid, you will end up with brittle, fraying, and dull hair.

  1. Methionine:

Methionine is another powerful amino acid that encourage hair growth, strengthen hair, and prevent hair loss. This particular ingredient is also effective in fight against various infections and disorders. For people who would want to use a product that can encourage the elasticity and strength of the hair, this amino acid booster is a great choice.

  • Lysine:

Lysine is an important ingredient that is quite effective for improving the overall health of your hair. In many people, the thinning of hair or even hair loss is directly linked to iron deficiency. In that case, this ingredient is quite benefit as it helps the body absorb the iron from your diet.

  1. Taurine:

Taurine is another incredible ingredient that offers multiple health benefits. Effective for hair follicle development, taurine is a beta amino-acid that keeps the shine of your hair intact. They are also quite effective in the fight against hair loss and play an important role in keeping your hair healthy and strong.

  1. Arginine:

Color treated hair are more prone to damage. For those people, arginine is a blessing in disguise as this ingredient is very effective in protecting hair from excessive damage. If your hair is damaged from bleaching or coloring, the use of supplements will be quite vital as the active arginine ingredient in them will improve the overall health of your hair. In addition to this, arginine also has anti-aging properties that will keep your hair thicker and stronger.


We know why you would want to shampoo your hair every day. After a long day outside, you rightly feel that your hair needs a wash. But too much of washing can actually be quite harmful to your hair. To maintain the shine in your hair, you must, instead, brush your hair regularly to distribute hair’s natural oils. You should use the shampoo not more than three times a week.


While it is perfectly alright to use heat styling tools to make cool hairstyles before you head out to a casual gathering, etc., constant use of such tools can be quite damaging for your hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, here are two things that you must follow: 1) you should refrain from the excessive use of conditioner and 2) you must minimize the use of styling tools such as hair dryer or flat iron. In case you have to use these tools on a regular basis, you must use heat protectant spray to protect against brokerage and hair loss.


Dry shampoo is a great hair product of the modern-day world. It is not just a product to clean dirty locks, but it is also a great way to boost your hair volume. For that, you will have to spray a bit of dry shampoo along the roots of your hair. Dry shampoo contains minerals and powders that easily absorb oil and increase the friction between strands. This creates volume and make your hair get thicker.


You will hear many experts telling you to provide the right protein to your hair. And while protein is a key macronutrient that is essential for making your hair thicker, other nutrients such as biotin, Omega 3 fatty acids, and zinc are also quite vital for the health of your hair. In addition to eating protein-rich food, increase the intake of food items that are high on zinc, fatty acids, etc., for even healthier hair.


Foods that are rich on Vitamin C provide great protection to your scalp, in addition to acting like an anti-ager. It is a great ingredient that protects hair follicles from damage from free radicals. Food items that are rich in Vitamin C are kiwi, kale, Brussels sprouts, etc. Include these rich nutrients in your diet to make your hair healthier.


Your body is directly affected by what you eat. For your hair’s health, it is important that you take notice of your eating habits. As discussed above, a diet which is full of healthy fats is a great way to boost your hair volume and make them thicker. People who love avocado, vegetables, nuts, salmon, and fruits will rejoice when they learn that all these food items are essential for your hair’s health.


A healthy scalp will lead to healthier and stronger hair. How many times in a week do you actively do something for your scalp? We are assuming none, right? The scalp has a microbiome of fungus and bacteria that is essential for keeping the skin healthy. When we use harsh chemicals on it, the skin gets affected, leading to a large number of skin problems. These problems, in turn, have a negative effect on hair growth.

Many times, we are tricked into believing that every DIY method that is available on the internet will lead us to stronger and healthier hair. They use baking soda and other similar harsh products on their scalp without any safety precautions. This disrupts the pH balance of the scalp, leading to skin damage. It is important that you treat your scalp in a better manner and just like you are careful with your face skin, you should also exercise caution when using products on your scalp.

For the health of your scalp, minimize the use of dry shampoo as well. It is also important to thoroughly massage your scalp every other night to increase hair thickness and stimulate the flow of blood to the hair follicle (you can also massage your scalp for more than four minutes). You don’t necessarily need oil to massage your hair. However, massaging essential oil on your scalp is a great way to increase the number of hair follicles. For massaging, you can use argon or peppermint oil both of which are quite effective for hair growth.


If the problem of the thinning of hair persists even after continuous and regular application of hair products, you should consider consulting a dermatologist to get to the bottom of the problem. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance or other health problems directly affect hair growth. In case you are not meeting your hair goals even after putting the necessary hard work, you must visit a dermatologist and get the problem treated for once and all.


Many people have the habit of following crash diets or other diets that restrict the intake of even those food items that are quite beneficial for our body. If you frequently follow different dietary plans, you must consider controlling your habit. By not eating healthy food items, you may deprive your body of essential nutrients.

Top 5 Food to Eat to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem across the world. While using good hair products is a great way to make your hair healthier, it is also important to keep eye on the food that you eat. The food that you eat will have a direct effect on the strength and growth of your hair.

In this section, we will have a quick look at some of the top foods that you must consume for healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.

1.    EGGS

Thinning hair can be linked to a biotin deficiency, which makes it all the more important to eat food products rich on this particular nutrient. Eggs are packed with biotin and can act as a great dietary supplement for hair growth. It also contains other hair boosters including, but not limited to, lysine that is very effective for hair growth. Other food items that are high on biotin are:

  • Seeds
  • Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and sweet potatoes
  • Meat
  • Nuts


Fish is a nutritious and wholesome food that is high on Omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients are not only good for hair and skin, but they are also quite great for your heart health. Consuming fish regularly will definitely improve your overall health. The following types are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids:

  • Herring
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Sardiness
  • Salmon

If you are a vegan and don’t consume fish, here are alternative options for you. Since you have to consume food products that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, you can eat the following items:

  • Soybean oil
  • Algae
  • Walnuts
  • Seeds – such as chia seeds and flaxseeds
  • Fortified food
  • Canola oil
  • Flaxseed oil


Selenium is an important mineral that goes a long way in boosting hair growth. Brazilian nuts are packed with selenium and thus are essential for making hair stronger and thicker. However, you have to be a little careful with your consumption of Brazil nuts as too much selenium can be quite harmful and may lead to hair loss and brittle hair. It may also lead to other, even more, severe problems, including skin rash, nausea, and even nervous system problems. The following are commonly found food items that contain selenium:

  • Breads and cereals
  • Eggs
  • Milk and other dairy products
  • Meat – including fish and liver


In the sections above, we have discussed in detail why lysine is important for your hair’s health. A boastful amino acid, lysine is found in different protein-rich foods and is responsible for strengthening hair roots. It is also responsible for boosting hair volume. People who have lysine deficiency have often complained about hair loss, making it crystal clear that lysine deficiency can be a direct cause of hair loss. Food items that are rich in this type of amino acid should be a major part of your diet if you are looking for food items that may help you improve your hair health. Some of the common food items that have the presence of lysine in abundance are:

  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Meat
  • Spirulina


The advantages of Vitamin D are perhaps too much to list down. The regular intake of Vitamin D supplements have so many positive effects on your body and also leads to hair growth. If you are facing the problem of hair loss or thinning of hair, you should either take Vit D supplements or consume food items that are rich in this vitamin. The foods that offer you a considerable level of Vit D include:

  • Yogurt
  • Soy drinks
  • Margarine
  • Orange juice
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Cheese
  • Beef liver
  • Mushrooms
  • Fatty Fish


Now that you have a fair understanding of food items that may provide you with the relevant nutrients, it is on you to include these products in your diet. In addition to the nutrients mentions above, there are other nutrients as well that play a direct role in improving the health of your hair. Here is the list of nutrients that can boost hair growth:

  • Iron: Iron deficiency in people often leads to hair loss. It is important to take proper iron supplements to provide enough nutrient to your body.
  • Zinc: The problems of hair loss and dry hair are very common in people who are already dealing with zinc deficiency.
  • Folic Acid: It is very essential for hair growth. Take folic acid supplements daily for improved hair health
  • Vitamin A: You must consume food items rich in Vitamin A to protect hair follicles. This vitamin is also quite important for your hair health.
  • Vitamin C: This vitamin is an antioxidant that supports collagen levels and prevents hair damage.
  • Niacin: The regular intake of this nutrient will result in healthy hair follicles.


The use of the herbal product is also quite common across the US. Even though a majority of such products are not FDA-approved, many people still use them for their hair’s health. In case you are wondering about using such products, we’ll advise you to consult your herbalist and only buy a product upon their prescription.

In case you are preferring herbal products because they don’t contain harsh chemicals, you must consider buying Hairfinity products that contain natural and organic ingredients. The key ingredients of these products prevent damage to hair and strengthen your hair.

What Are the Reasons for Hair Damage?

Here are some of the common reasons for hair loss or damage. Have a look.

1.    TRAUMA

Do you know that hair loss is often linked to trauma? If you have just gone through a personal loss, your mental health will take a toll on your hair. At times, this loss is temporary and your hair starts getting healthier once you are out of that traumatic experience.


In our busy lifestyle, we often forget to take out time for ourselves. A lack of haircuts, however, can be quite damaging for you as the split ends – caused by no haircuts – will make the hair break easily.


If you are tying your hair tightly with a hairband, you are actually damaging your hair. Tight hairstyles are one of the main causes of hair loss.


A thyroid disorder leads to multiple health problems including hair loss. If your hair has become brittle or dry, or if you are noticing excessive shedding or bald patches, you must consult your doctor and get your thyroids checked. Once you are on regular thyroid medication, you will observe significant changes in your hair’s health.


The excessive use of heat styling tools without any heat protection product can lead to hair loss. The heat treatments will also dry away from the moisture in the hair, making them more prone to damage. People who live in humid climates and hot weather also observe hair loss on a regular basis.


If you have the habit of rubbing wet hair with a towel, you must stop doing it altogether. This will not only cause breakage but increase frizz. Instead, you can consider wrapping a towel to absorb the moisture or simple, letting the hair dry naturally in the air.

The Final Word

Do you secretly wish to get the hair just like that of the model you saw on the billboard? Many women are often found exasperated when they fail to reach their hair goals. Even after religious hair care routines, they just couldn’t get their hair thicker and stronger.

You can still make your hair healthier. Follow the tips for fuller hair we have shared in our article and observe the result on your own. Also, make sure that you don’t use harsh chemicals on your hair to prevent hair damage. With proper care and the use of the right products, you can have thick, shiny hair that will be a point of pride for you!