How to Clarify Your Hair at Home

How to Clarify Your Hair at Home

Hair clarification is a process that brightens your hair and keeps it from frizzing out. Exfoliation is not just for your face, but your scalp can also be exfoliated. Clarifying treatments can clear out impurities like oil and dirt and detoxify your scalp to preserve your scalp and follicle health.

Lots of people tend to use their regular shampoo and hair conditioner whenever they want to wash their hair and scalp. Most times, though, using these regular products isn't much of an issue as they often deliver.

However, in cases where there are buildups in your hair, and you find it challenging to get rid of them, what could be the solution? This is where hair clarification comes in!  

Clarification is a better way to deeply cleanse your hair with more effective products than regular shampoos. This process helps eliminate residues, dirt, and excess oil from your hair.

Does your hair need thorough detoxification? Find out all you need to know about hair clarification in the following sections. 


What Hair Clarification is All About

Even though you shampoo and condition your follicles often, it's very important to perform an intense cleanup of your hair. Hair products such as dry shampoo, heat protectants, and hair spray accumulate over time in your scalp, after which your hair then starts looking weighed down, dry and dull.

Hair clarification removes dust, product buildup, and dirt from your scalp. You can achieve this using DIY clarifying recipes or clarifying shampoos. This process makes your hair bouncy and easily styleable.

Including clarifying shampoos to one's hair care regime is an easy and helpful means of making your hair appear and have a great touch.

A few washes after, you'll begin to observe noticeable changes in your strands' general texture and feel. 

These shampoos disintegrate product accumulation within your strands and are better working models of regular shampoo. They blurt out pesky dandruff spots as well, clear mineral deposits deposited due to the presence of chlorine or hard water, and remove oil and grease. Over a period, you may decide to use them each time you want to wash your hair without needing to buy dry shampoos.

In terms of the frequency of usage for a clarifying shampoo, some individuals need it just a few times per month, while others may target it at least once every week.

We have clarifying shampoos that you can apply even beyond the usually prescribed duration, but you'll be better off not to do it excessively. Too frequently, using a clarifying shampoo can rid your hair of vital oils needed to remain vibrant.

If your scalp can go without washing it for days, or you're someone who doesn't apply hair products like that, begin by introducing any product into your hair care regime each week.

Bear in mind that the essential concept here is to apply it often, as this will help mitigate product accumulation right from the onset.

If the process of preparing a hair care paste you'll use to retouch your scalp every week is complicated for you, you can go for shampoos that will help you achieve your intended result without much effort. 


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Who Should Clarify Their Hair?

Everyone needs to clarify their hair. Individuals who have hair that is color-treated, particularly blonde and clear unnatural colors, must be cautious with any product they decide to use. DIY efforts using natural products are most likely the choicest for proper color-treated hair to prevent your hair color from wearing off. 

If your hair is styled with gel, mousse, or hairspray, these products are silicone, which can't be eliminated by the cleaning agents of a traditional shampoo alone. 


Products You Can Use to Clarify Your Hair

There are several hair clarification products available in the market and e-commerce stores. 

Try HAIRFINITY Gentle Cleanse Shampoo to remove buildup without drying out your hair. This shampoo is strong enough to clean your hair but gentle enough to leave your natural moisture untouched. It's also proven to reduce hair breakage by up to 82% after just one use.

It is perfect for people with very oily hair because it doesn't cause your hair to strip even with everyday use. Or, if you want, you can apply it weekly instead of using your regular shampoo.


Advantages of Home Clarifying Treatment

Below are some of the pros of clarifying your hair:

  • Restores your natural acidic-alkaline hair balance

Hard water and hair care products can change the adequate pH level of one's scalp. A fluctuation in your natural pH can disturb your scalp and foster fungal and bacterial buildup. Clarify this body part as often as possible, keep its natural pH and ensure a vibrant scalp.

  • Clears Buildup 

Traditional shampoos can't clear every bit of hair product like mousse, spray, hair conditioner, and gels. They draw in dust and dirt, leading to more buildup. Hard water can also deposit minerals like chlorine and more on your scalp. Clarifying treatments and shampoos do eliminate this buildup and make your hair lush. 

  • Reinvigorates Your Hair

Too much dirt and oil make your hair dull, giving it a flat and lump look. Also, the different shampoos and conditioners you use on hair, in addition to daily pollution, all affect it negatively. The toxic chemicals deplete vital oils in your hair, leaving it frizzy and difficult to manage.

But through clarifying methods, your drab hair appears to be full of life again since these methods eliminate impurities from your hair.

An excellent Sulfate-free detoxifying shampoo will breathe life into your hair, making it more manageable.

  • Prepares Your Hair For Coloring

When you use deep cleansing shampoo on your hair before applying dye or another coloring to it, it makes it easy for your hair to absorb and retain the colors.

Usually, the first clinging to your hair follicles prevents it from getting hold of the colors. As a result, having a thorough cleaning before any color treatment is vital.

  • Helps Your Hair Retain Moisture

You'll notice a lighter feel to your hair once you've gotten rid of all the pollutants from your hair and scalp. Your hair strands do not have flaky film or debris layers that prevent moisturizers from entering.

Consequently, your hair is better equipped to absorb moisture and maintain it for longer periods of time.


How to Know Your Hair Requires Clarifying Treatment

Usually, it's advised to clarify your hair from time to time. However, the following might be a signal that it's time to clarify your hair:

  • If you feel your hair styling products are no more working and the expected results are yet to be experienced. This can be due to a large amount of buildup on your scalp.
  • Itch on your scalp, and you spot flakiness
  • Unusual hair loss
  • Your hair seems to be heavy and lays flat when you apply shampoo
  • Dull and limp hair
  • When you notice a green spot on your hair due to a chlorine deposit after swimming 
  • Fine hair that gets oily regularly 
  • You usually apply products like deep conditioners and oils. In this situation, you have to clarify once every two weeks.


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How to Clarify Your Hair at Home

It is essential to clean your follicles deeply every week. Below are some DIY tips for clarifying your hair at home:

  1. How to Clarify With Baking Soda

You can put just baking soda into the water to eliminate residue so that your hair feels stripped. Put a tbsp of baking soda to 1.5 cups of warm water inside a spray container, then rub it on your hair follicles and scalp. Stroke it for a few minutes and rinse it properly. A few hair care specialists don't suggest applying baking soda to your hair, particularly over a long period.


  1. Sea Salt Scrub
  • Apply one-quarter of liquid Castile soap
  • Add one tablespoon of aloe Vera gel
  • Four tablespoons of rough sea salt

Mix these ingredients and apply them to your wet hair, especially mindful of your scalp. Leave it for a minute before rinsing it off and add conditioner to your scalp ends.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

When added to water, ACV, which stands for Apple Cider Vinegar, is a popular hair clarifying agent. Put two to three ounces of Apple cider vinegar to 4 or 5 ounces of warm water into a spray or applicator bottle. Work them into your hair follicles and scalp, let them go in, then rinse off. Be less concerned with the smell - that will go right after the paste is rinsed off. There is an ACV rinse recipe by Yolanda Renee on YouTube. Check it out!


  1. Bentonite Clay + ACV Rinse
  • Put Bentonite clay into the water to form a relatively less thick mixture
  • Work into your scalp, then your hair strands, and leave it for about three minutes
  • Rinse and clean it off
  • Add half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar to water, then work into your scalp 
  • Conclude this process by rubbing conditioner on either end alone


  1. Baking Soda and White Vinegar 

Use a tbsp of baking soda and two tbsp of white vinegar, then apply to your hair follicle. Some minutes later, rinse off the mixture.


  1. Rhassoul Clay Mask and AVC

Rhassoul Clay, also known as Moroccan lava clay, just like bentonite clay, has a high proportion of minerals and is added to traditional recipes due to its clarifying and oil-absorbing potential. This aloe vera product moisturizes your scalp, and when AVC is added, it gives your hair a shine. 


  • Half cup of Rhassoul Clay
  • Two tbsp of AVC
  • Ten drops of essential oil (any type) to add fragrance (ylang-ylang, peppermint, tea tree oils)
  • 2 Tbsp of vegetable oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond oils, or argan)
  • Half cup of aloe vera juice 


Mix these ingredients. Work the paste into your scalp, then rub for 10 min. Let it sit for 10 min again. Rinse with water properly, then apply shampoo.


The good thing about these DIY options is that they're fast, organic, and give you the desired results without drying out your hair. Your hair's moisture remains even after it is adequately clarified and cleaned. These hair care items come at very affordable prices.

You can get them from the most popular e-commerce stores and ship them over to your place at your convenience. 

You need not stress as you can apply them right from the comfort of your home without external help or assistance. With these natural methods of clarifying your hair, you are set to take out the buildup of oils and butter from your products. 


How Many Times Should You Clarify?

If you work with different hair styling products and sweat a lot, it'd be best to clarify your scalp once every two weeks. Yet, clarifying once every month can work if you have healthy hair and a dry scalp. 


Final Thoughts

Clarifying your scalp and hair is necessary to eliminate dirt buildup and hair products. You'll also mitigate fungal and bacterial development on your scalp through this process and reduce hair fall. 

Several home remedies that you can prepare yourself work as hair clarifying treatments. You won't experience any disadvantage when you clarify your hair, only that when clarifying products are used in excess, it can produce adverse effects. 

Take to any of these Do It Yourself recipes mentioned earlier or apply clarifying shampoo.

Though, make sure you clarify your hair a maximum of once in 2 weeks, as too much of it may make your scalp scaly and lead to hair loss.