How to Avoid Hair Loss

How to Avoid Hair Loss

How to Avoid Hair Loss

Since some men fight male pattern baldness any way they can, you know how much more distressing it is for women to face hair loss. After all, a woman’s hair is her “crowning glory,” and a head full of long, thick hair is the envy of many. To hold onto every strand, taking good care of your mane is important. Sometimes, hair loss is genetic or due to medical conditions. Outside of that, there are ways to avoid losing your precious hair.

Be careful with chemicals: Relaxer overprocessing is one of the most common causes of hair loss, temporarily and permanently. These chemicals should only come into contact with the hair, not the scalp. They shouldn’t be left on longer than recommended, which is why it’s best to visit an experienced stylist for the process. If you do relax at home, follow the directions to the letter; don’t be tempted to leave the relaxer on longer in an effort to get bone straight hair, which often lacks body.

Avoid tight styles: Pulling hair tightly anywhere on the scalp places stress on your head. Done over a period of time, this may permanently damage the follicles, causing you to lose hair in this area. Instead of incredibly tight ponytails, look for other hairstyles that don’t stress your hairline. The occasional ponytail won’t harm you, but it’s important to switch your styles frequently to avoid pulling on the same areas over and over.

Watch your overall health: What goes on inside your body affects the outside, so take good care of your entire self. This includes watching your stress levels. Regular exercise and meditation are good, natural ways to maintain proper health along with following a nutritious diet. A well-balanced body and mind are less prone to stress-induced hair loss.

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