Hair Fun in the LA Sun

Hair Fun in the LA Sun

We’re getting ready for the beach! We’ve spoken to Daily from Daily Curlz about her beach regime and how she keeps her hair on #BeachFleek over the summer. Check out her essentials below!

Which are your top three favorite L.A beaches? 

VENICE BEACH has the perfect combination of sand, surf, sunshine and an urban street circus, complete with alternative artists, weightlifters, barefoot sand sculptors and more. On Venice Beach, you can find all kinds of activities, stores, fast food, flea markets and artists.

SANTA MONICA PIER. This is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles, where the beach is side by side with the boardwalk in a festive display of amusement park rides, aquariums and food. It’s free to walk the historic boardwalk and see the local artists or watch the sunset at the end of the day.

LA JOLLA COVE. This beach is actually in San Diego, but I love it so much that I have to mention it. This beach is really small but is so beautiful that it is one the most photographed beaches along the Southern Californian coastline. It is very popular among the scuba-diving fanatics, because it extends up to 30 feet and wildlife is protected by the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve.

Which hair style would you sport at the beach?

Call me crazy, but I really love to wear my hair out and big, because we all know that big hair don’t care!

What do you usually bring for a day at the beach?

Spray bottle with water to keep my hair saturated before diving into the sea, followed by:

  • Sun Screen Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, is the cause of premature skin aging such as wrinkles and skin cancers, sunscreen is the most effective way to protect your skin.
  • Lip Balm with SPF Protection My lips need protection and moisture too, and this lip balm is one of favorites.
  • Waterproof Mascara, because I can’t leave home without mascara.
  • Large Frame Colored Glasses to protect my eyes in style.
  • iPhone. Do I need to explain?
  • Wireless Cell Phone Charger. This extra charger is amazing, so I don’t ever miss a tweet and can upload all my pictures.
  • Water to keep me hydrated all day long.

What is your best advice for a day at the beach? 

Have fun, but be safe. Protect your skin and your hair from sun damage and drink a lot of water.

What is your best advice for protecting your hair against sun and water damage?

Heat and UV rays from the sun can leave your hair dry, dull and brittle, you need to take precautions to protect it, just as you would your skin. For extended periods in the sun:

  • Apply conditioner through your hair before heading to the beach or pool. Do not rinse. This will become a deep conditioning treatment for your hair, and will help protect it from sun damage.
  • Put your hair in a twist or braids. The less your hair is exposed to the sun, the less it can get damaged.
  • Make Your Own SPF! Spritz your hair with sunscreen. Mix one teaspoon of sunscreen lotion with SPF of 25 or higher with 1/2 a cup of water in a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle with you and spray your hair every couple hours while in the sun.
  • Find styling products with built-in protection. Several lines of hair care products have SPF and other ingredients to protect your hair.
  • Clarify! If you’re using a UV protection in your hair, don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo once a week. SPF will build up on your hair shaft and a clarifying shampoo can remedy that.
  • Maintain Moisture! Weekly deep conditioning treatments will help keep the damage by the sun at a minimum.
  • Just Say NO to alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice, and sun-activated hair lightening products.

How do you keep your hair healthy? 

I follow beauty from the inside out, because I believe that if you care for your body, you will not only have great hair, but beautiful skin and overall health. I drink a lot of water. I do regular exercise and try to eat a balanced diet.

On the outside, I do weekly deep treatments, I only shampoo my hair once a week or every 10 days. I hydrate my hair every day with oils, water or leave-in. I don’t manipulate my hair a lot to avoid breakage and always protected at night either with a satin bonnet or using a satin pillow case.

Thanks to Daily for taking us through her beach routine. Make sure you check out her blog and follow her on @DailyCurlz and Instagram. If you have any other beach advice, let us know in the comments! Happy summer!