Hair Care After Swimming

Hair Care After Swimming

Hair Care After Swimming

Summer weather gets people of all ages into the pool or ocean, but the fear of water keeps many women out. Not only are they worried that a day of swimming means they’ll have to painstakingly style their hair again, but they’re also concerned that sun, chlorine and saltwater will damage their tresses. Yes, pool chemicals can be bad for your hair, but as long as you take the right post-swimming steps, there’s no reason to fear the beach or backyard pool.

After a day of swimming, whether you took a dip in the ocean or a swimming pool, rinsing all the saltwater or chemicals away is a must. Although your hair care routine does not have to change drastically if you are an avid swimmer, there are subtle changes that you can make to ensure that your summer fun won’t leave you singing the autumn blues.

Use clean tap water to completely rinse away sand, chlorine or seawater.  Since some women choose swim season to wear braids or braid extensions, the same rule applies; rinse the braids after each swimming session. This needs to be done as soon after swimming as you can manage. The longer chlorine or saltwater sit in your hair, the more they can dry it out.

You should follow up with a conditioner wash or shampoo. Cleansers made specifically for swimmers are fine, but are not necessary. If you use one, try to find one that’s sulfate-free to avoid drying out your hair. While a clarifying shampoo should be used occasionally, a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser is suitable for more frequent use. Instead of any sudsing, you can co-wash instead. A rinse-out conditioner or deep conditioner can follow cleansing.

Keeping your hair well-moisturized while enjoying swimming is key to avoid brittleness. Some women find sealing in moisture with oils very helpful while styling. Others avoid direct heat as much as possible since being out in the sun is plenty of heat by itself.

There’s no reason to sit poolside or on the sand instead of jumping in. Use HAIRFINITY Haircare post-swim, your hair will remain healthy while you enjoy a healthy, fun activity.

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