Glue-in Weaves vs. Sew-in Weaves

Glue-in Weaves vs. Sew-in Weaves

Glue-in Weaves vs. Sew-in Weaves


Weaves offer protection and a great deal of styling options. Besides length, color and texture, you can even choose how your weave is installed. Knowing the pros and cons of methods like gluing vs. sewing in can help you select the best option for you.

Glue-in Weaves

Using glue to attach weave hair is relatively simple. It’s also a faster process than sewing in a weave. Many women who like installing weaves at home use glue since it’s an easy way to get the look they want. However, hair glue does come with pitfalls if you’re not careful.  If you choose a glue-in weave, make sure you use a high-quality adhesive made specifically for this purpose. These glues are generally inexpensive, so even a good quality product doesn’t cost a lot. Installation is pretty straightforward, but some women run into problems during the removal process.  Patience is important when taking out a glued-in weave. If you rush, you may damage your own hair. Proper tools for take down include a glue remover, so make sure you have plenty on hand so that you don’t run out.  Glued-in weaves are a good choice for short-term wear since they usually don’t last longer than a week or two.

Sew-in Weaves

For a longer-lasting weave, a sew-in is the better choice. The biggest difference between glue-in and sew-in weaves is usually the cost. Whether you visit a local professional or you have the chance to get this service done from a well-known weave expert, expect to pay hundreds of dollars on up.  Sew-in weaves take more time to install, and when done correctly, look very realistic. You can also shampoo and condition your hair when wearing a sew-in; this is important since these weaves can last around eight weeks. You’ll need to care for your hair beneath the weave while you wear it.  Sew-ins offer more styling versatility than glue-in weaves as well. Depending on how it’s installed, you can change your part and wear it a variety of ways.

Both weave options have distinct advantages, so think about how long you want to wear one, your lifestyle and your budget to make the right selection.

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