Edges Not Growing? Here is the Reason Why

Edges Not Growing? Here is the Reason Why


If your once thick, luxurious hairline has disappeared, then you are probably wondering what happened. Men and women alike agonize over edges that have broken, leaving them with an undesirable missing or thinning hairline. If you are experiencing broken or thinning edges, it is imperative to examine the causes for this issue so that you can know what needs to be done to restore your hairline. Find out how to grow your hairline back.

A major cause of broken edges is tension from braids and other types of protective styles such as weaves. Tension from tight braids and weaves wreak havoc to your hairline. Consider the constant stress and strain on your strands from being braided for sometimes months at a time. Simply put, tension causes damage, and damage causes breakage and hair loss. These practices contribute to a condition called Traction Alopecia. This condition is a direct result of consistent tension that damages the hair cuticle.

Upon deciding to wear a protective style, whether it be a ponytail, box braids, or weave your first priority is the health of your own hair (not the appearance of the style and/or extensions). How long are you wearing the weave? How tight are the braids? Is your ponytail holder tightly pulled? These questions need to be addressed to determine whether or not you are wearing a protective style that is killing your hairline. Wearing a weave for too long can be detrimental as the tugging of braids and added hair whether sewn in or glued in, only perpetuates more loss. Weaves should be taken out after about 2 months, and hair should be given a rest period to restore. When wearing a ponytail or bun, the holder should be loosely wrapped and not worn for extended periods of time. Keep in mind that a protective style is not serving its purpose if it is causing damage.

Did you know that products applied to your hair can lead to broken edges? You probably already assume that dyes and relaxers contain harsh chemicals that over time contribute to breakage at the edges. But did you know that even gels and “edge controls” products used to give hair a sleek and polished look can cause major damage due to the drying nature of these products.

Because they contain sulfates, and drying alcohols, gels are the culprit to our edges and need to be either eliminated from the styling process or used on a very minimal basis. Consider using natural products that compare to harsh commercial gels such as aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel even promotes hair growth, which of course can help to grow your hair edges back.

How do you protect your hair at night when you sleep? Chances are if you are sleeping on a cotton pillowcase and wearing no hair bonnet or scarf, your edges are suffering! Friction from sheets and pillowcases can tear edges out. Hair can be greatly damaged at night if you do not have a haircare regimen that protects your edges. Be sure to sleep with a silk (not satin) bonnet or scarf.

What can be done to grow your hair edges so that you can enjoy a fuller hairline again? Infinite Edges Serum works to restore and revitalize your edges using 83% natural ingredients. Infinite Edges is not a styling product or tamer, but does improve smoothness over time. Some of the benefits of Infinite Edges include adding hydration to overworked or delicate areas of hair, such as the hairline, working to improve smoothness for stronger, shinier hair, and fortifying and protecting with vitamins and active botanicals. The great news is that Infinite Edges contains no sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, mineral oil or petroleum. Infinite Edges can be used daily in your haircare regimen. This is a very concentrated serum and only a small amount is needed to achieve results.


It is not impossible to see your edges bloom and thrive again! Your broken hairline does
not have to be what it has in the past if you take steps to restore it today!  

Check out these amazing Infinite Edges before and after pictures.