Different Phases of Hair Growth

Different Phases of Hair Growth

Different Phases of Hair Growth

Many people don't spend a lot of, if any, time thinking about a hair's life cycle. It cycles through three phases which all have very specific purposes in the life of a strand of hair.  Even though your hair's terminal length is out of your control, you can definitely influence your hair growth for the better to experience the maximum gains for you. A healthy, well-rounded diet, regular exercise, plenty of water, and gentle hair care involving lots of conditioning all go a long way toward helping you achieve longer, healthier hair. With the best care you can afford and have time to do, your tresses may grow longer than you ever thought possible, whether it's waist length or much longer.

The three phases in each hair strand’s life are:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

Individual strands do not cycle through each of these phases at the same time; instead, each hair cycles through on its own timetable.

Anagen: This is probably the stage that excites you the most if you want long hair. The anagen phase is the growing period, and can last anywhere from two to six years.
Catagen: This short time frame lasts about two weeks. It’s a transitional stage during which the hair follicle shrinks and the hair strand is cut off from nourishment.
Telogen: The final phase lasts about five to six weeks. During this time in a hair strand’s cycle, the follicle is dormant, or resting. At the end of telogen, new hair forms and begins to grow from the follicle, causing the dormant hair to shed.

Is Your Maximum Length Pre-determined?

Obviously, women with longer anagen phases will see more hair gains, provided they don’t trim their tresses too much and practice gentle care. However, everyone has a terminal length, whether that length reaches a bra strap or knees. Because it’s genetically-based, it’s easy to see why very long hair seems to run in some families.

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