Blac Chyna's Hairfinity Hair Journey

Blac Chyna's Hairfinity Hair Journey


You probably know about Blac Chyna for several reasons, but if you haven’t yet paid attention to her long, luscious hair, you definitely should! Celebrities are well-known for wearing extensions, and many of them do it mainly to protect their own tresses from harsh daily styling and different professionals handling their manes. But that doesn’t mean a famous face can’t have her own head full of healthy locks, like Blac Chyna.

She’s not afraid to talk about what helped her gain such impressively long, healthy hair, either, so she’s not holding back or keeping secrets. She shares that Hairfinity has been a big part of her growth journey.


Blac Chyna isn’t the only celebrity jumping on the Hairfinity bandwagon, and when you see her results, it’s no surprise why. It’s not just about having longer hair; it’s having well-nourished tresses that are healthy from the inside out because gorgeous hair isn’t just what you see on the outside. What we eat and drink plays a big role in the health of our manes, and Hairfinity vitamins fill in nutritional voids that may prevent you from growing your most well-nourished hair possible.

Key ingredients in the vitamins that promote healthier tresses include vitamins A, D and B12, along with biotin and niacin. They work in conjunction to encourage scalp circulation, increase elasticity and strengthen hair follicles.


Now, she is known for rocking wigs and weaves as protective styles, but not because she has anything to hide. She says that her own hair is free of any texture-altering chemicals, although she gets the occasional blowout and silk press by a trusted pro. She’s taken to her social media accounts, like Instagram, to post videos that showcase her long, natural hair since some people refuse to believe it’s all hers. Blow-dried and straightened, her tresses are waist length.

Before you frown upon Blac Chyna’s prevalent use of wigs and weaves, keep in mind that many women in the entertainment industry have a hard time trying to maintain a perfect image with their own .tresses. Between tons of appearances and photo shoots, a lot of heat styling and abuse can take a major toll on the health of a celebrity’s hair. Blac Chyna does what a lot of other celebs do in order to keep her mane as healthy as possible, and that’s relying on extensions as protective styles. She also makes sure to have a lot of fun with her hair additions because she’s rocked plenty of different colors and lengths. She’s sported Bantu knots (again, another protective syle), blue waves, red and blonde wigs, and everything in between. But the health of her mane comes first.

Key ingredients in the vitamins that promote healthier tresses include vitamins A, D and B12, along with biotin and niacin. They work in conjunction to encourage scalp circulation, increase elasticity and strengthen hair follicles.


Hairfinity offers much more than just vitamins. Now you can have a complete hair care regimen taking care of your tresses from the inside and on the outside with products formulated to nourish and condition your mane. The shampoo, conditioner, serum, oil and deep treatment masque in the Advanced Haircare line will help to strengthen and protect your hair from breakage as it grows. Using the products along with taking the vitamins is a great way to maintain strong, healthy tresses that can reach their full potential. Not only are you nourishing your hair from the inside, using the products hydrates and strengthens your hair from the outside as well.


Besides giving your body the nutrients it needs with supplements, you should also try and live an overall healthy lifestyle including a well-rounded diet and plenty of exercise. Blac Chyna didn’t just wake up with healthy hair one day. She works at it and maintains it by combining her love of cooking and an active workout regimen along with her Hairfinity routine. When you cook for yourself, you know what’s going in your body, and when you understand what a well-rounded nutrition plan entails, you can make the best choices for keeping yourself healthy. She’s careful not to overdo it with too much heat styling, either, so when she’s not sporting straightened tresses, she relies on extensions and wigs to protect her natural mane.

Even vitamins like the ones from Hairfinity won’t replace a well-rounded diet, so make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water. You should also keep up an active workout routine doing something you enjoy, whether it’s walking, swimming, running, biking, yoga or dancing. Remaining active encourages healthy circulation all over your body, including your scalp, and getting proper hydration shows in your skin and hair.

While Blac Chyna can certainly be an inspiration in the hair goals department, you can achieve a mane that’s just as healthy and well-nourished by starting your Hairfinity journey today. With the right combination of vitamins and products designed to make your hair fabulous inside and out, you’ll be well on the way to reaching your own healthy hair goals.