4 Hair Routines That’ll Guarantee You Gorgeous Hair

4 Hair Routines That’ll Guarantee You Gorgeous Hair

Is hair just a routine matter for you? That can be a good thing – consistency is the key to reaching and maintaining your hair goals. So optimize your daily ‘do with a few key products and tricks. Here are four ways to work a little hair magic into your beauty regimen, from everyday to every season.

Start your day with a Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamin, literally feeding it the nutrients it needs. Adding a Supplement Booster targeted for your hair goal yields even better results over time.

Get the most of your beauty sleep by adding in a quick scalp massage with a few drops of Nourishing Botanical Oil before bed. The oil restores lost moisture to a dry scalp and roots, the massage helps to stimulate blood circulation, encouraging regular hair growth and turnover. “Rub it between your hands before using your fingertips to make circular movements along the scalp,” explains Amber Katz of Refinery 29.

Sneak in a little me time once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. Just 15 minutes with a repairative hair masque will keep your hair bouncy, shiny and unbreakable. “It’s good to get in the habit of using a mask weekly to make sure you’re giving your hair the moisture it needs,” recommends Rachel Adler of StyleCaster.

You don’t need us to tell you hair needs regular professional maintenance. But a key time to hit the salon is during seasonal transitions. As the weather changes, so will your hair’s needs. Continues Rachel, “Even if you think your hair is relatively healthy, the change of seasons can be hard on your strands.” Trim off a little extra after a summer spent frolicking in the waves; ask for a hydrating treatment before and after winter to fortify hair from cold, dry conditions.