2017 Hot Hair Trends

2017 Hot Hair Trends

This season, shaking up your cut has never been easier. All the hot hair trends coming down the runway for 2017 are based on breezy, effortless chops or letting your natural texture shine through.

No matter what style you choose, HEALTHY HAIR always looks best. Here are eight of our fave looks for from this year!

1. Natural Hair

If you’ve noticed an uptick in models with Afros, curls, or textured hair, you’re not seeing things.

According to Maria del Russo at Refinery29, designers embraced natural hair textures in 2017.

“We don’t have time to fuss over blowing out our hair and fighting what it naturally wants to do,” stylist Jeanie Syfu told del Russo.

“I think it’s so important to know what your hair and lifestyle can handle to keep your look chic and effortless.”

Of course, as girls with natural curls know, sometimes it’s not so effortless to care for them.

Make sure you have a good co-washing and moisturizing routine down to keep your curls hydrated, healthy, and tangle-free.

2. Graphic Cuts

Based on runway trends, short cuts with bold lines are hotter than ever. These daring bobs are a slight variation on the bobs and lobs of 2016 – and they’ll turn more heads, too.

Think Katy Perry’s wild, new platinum cut or Gabrielle Union’s asymmetrical, chin-length bob.

Fair warning: this is the kind of cut you ask for when you want to be noticed, says Syfu.

“These cuts make a statement and can give you an edge that can be quite feminine,” they look best on hair that is naturally voluminous.  If your hair is lacking umph, try adding the Hairfinity Volume Builder Amino Acid Booster to your vitamin regimen.

3. Bangs Galore

That’s right – they’re no longer for nerds or goody two-shoes. Bangs are making a comeback. Big time.

The most on-trend version? A choppy bang that blends effortlessly into a shaggy silhouette.

“Unlike the long, wispy bangs that were oh-so-popular in 2016, these bangs frame your face beautifully, especially with the help of short layers,” writes Monika Markovinovic at Huffington Post.

If you don’t want to throw it all in for wispy fringe, consider growing your bangs out for more versatility.

“Wear them blunt and straight, side-swept and wavy, or part them in the center like a modern Brigitte Bardot,” suggests Victoria Moorhouse at InStyle.

Even girls with natural curls can get in on this trend, says L.A.-based stylist Shai Amiel.

Fringe is “a great option for curly girls that are seeking a new look – without changing up their length too much,” Amiel told Refinery29. (Yes, you really can opt for bangs when you have curly hair.)

4. Straight & Shiny

Thank Kim Kardashian for our new obsession with “Cher hair” – or thank the 70s, which is when this style had its heyday.

Since this style requires heat tools to get just right, remember to keep an eye on your settings to avoid damaging your mane.

“Flat irons that have metal plates or fixed heat temperatures – plus those not made with ceramic or titanium – will cause the most damage,” stylist Lisa Marie Garcia explained to Stylecaster.

If you feel like aiming for Kim’s “Cher hair” the next time you’re in your stylist’s seat, make sure her tools are top-notch and the heat setting is turned way down.

Want to add some shine to your style?  Try adding the Hairfinity Intense Shine Essential Fatty Acid Booster to your vitamin regimen.

5. Extreme Ponies

From Cameron Diaz’s low-key version on the red carpet, to Allison Williams’ terrifying high pony in Get Out, ponytails aren’t just for little girls anymore.

“The smallest modifications took the everyday ponytail into new territory this month,” reports Monica Kim from this year’s fall fashion shows.

“When slicked over to one side at J.W.Anderson, it went sleek and modern; when amplified with texture and gathered loosely at the back and front, it leaned otherworldly at Alexander McQueen,” she writes.

Like everyone else, we love an excuse to throw our hair up in a simple style and call it on-trend. But for women facing hair loss, we recognize this is easier said than done.

Tight hairstyles “can cause progressive thinning of the hairline, and if you do it for long enough, the hair loss may actually become permanent,” cautions Amy Marturana at Self.

Go on and embrace fashion’s love for the pony  – just remember to give your hair a break from the style and give it some added muscle with products like Hairfinity Strengthening Amino Masque.

6. Mid-Length Mama

There’s something effortless about a mid-length chop. Falling just past your shoulders, it’s not as fashion-forward as a blunt bob but not as time-consuming as a long waterfall of hair, either.

It’s the perfect in-between cut, especially if you’re in the middle of growing out your hair from an edgier bob or lob. Thankfully, according to stylist Sal Salcedo, the chop is back in style.

“The layers should be on the longer side, and the length should be right above the chest,” Salcedo told Refinery29. “Bringing out the texture is key.”

Even if you’re concerned about maintaining the length of your new cut, remember to routinely trim your ends for optimum health.

Get chopping, ladies.

7. Shaggy Dog

This devil-may-care look takes a bit of scissor-work, but when your ends are all roughed up, you’ll be right on-trend.

“I think we’re seeing more and more of a late 70’s influence in fashion,” hairstylist Gregory Russell told InStyle.

“Once your Lob gets too long, you can layer it into a shag and it’s the perfect length!”

To get a shag, ask your stylist “for shattered texture in the ends and in the fringe,” pro Jennifer Ngyuen suggests at Bustle.

“I like to recreate this style using a razor because it gives the hair an edge that scissors have a hard time recreating,” she adds.

Once you break out the shag, try to steer clear of heat styling, Russell cautions. “It will break your ends, making you lose the structure of your cut.”  Want to help your hair endure your love of heat tools? Try adding the Hairfinity Damage Defense Collagen Booster to your vitamin regimen.

8. Riding the Wave

Easy, effortless waves will have you thinking “beach hair” all year long. According to Harper’s Bazaar, waves were a popular theme on the  runway.

“The bleached hair and roughed-up texture of the hair at Alexander Wang was meant to evoke the collection’s surfer girl vibe,” writes Jenna Rosenstein.

“The models had their hair whipped into the kind of fuzzy waves only created with a bottle of salt spray.”

Similar looks sprouted up at Isabel Marant, Philosophy di Lorenzo, and Sonia Rykiel. New York Fashion Week attendees may have had to brave winter weather, but it looks like spring was certainly in the air.

Forget spending hours in front of the mirror. All 2017 trends point to wash-and-go with minimal muss and fuss.

Asking your stylist for a structured cut can help minimize your styling needs – whether you opt for a bold bob, a shaggy do, or a wavy, mid-length crop.

Girls with natural curls should also feel confident rocking their afros or letting their hair go wild.

This season is all about texture, movement, and letting go – perfect for easing back on relaxers or heat-based treatments that might be sapping your hair of energy.