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Managing the Natural You



The decision to “go natural” is a big one. But natural hair requires special attention to keep it soft, shiny and lustrous. To people of color, the term “natural hair” refers to hair that is free from chemical relaxers and other harsh styling practices. More and more, individuals are choosing to forgo processed hairstyling in favor of returning to their “roots”. A decision most often made to suit personal convictions, many people of color see this choice as a way to celebrate their black heritage. But while sporting natural hair with pride, take care of it using our HAIRFINITY Haircare collection to keep it healthy and strong. First, avoid any shampoo containing lauryl sulfate as they can strip Afro hair of its natural oils, making it dry and brittle. Next, condition the hair after every shampoo; as conditioners are important for softening the hair, giving it body, sheen and luster, and for helping smooth the hair’s cuticles. Finally, hair that is prone to knotting up will require de-tangling with every wash. So use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair while it is wet and with conditioner on it. This will provide better slippage to the hair and ease detangling.

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