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Knowing When to Trim Your Hair


Wondering when you should trim your hair? Don’t settle for the traditional trimming timeline. Although the hair growth process is the same for us all, the way that our hair grows differs from person to person. There are many reasons to trim your hair but none of them involves hair growth – that is a myth. When you trim your hair you eliminate split ends which prevent healthy hair growth and you also make your hairstyle more polished.

There’s never a need to trim/cut perfectly healthy hair. Especially since hair tends to naturally grow at different rates anyway. If you are trying to gain length, then opt for a length based trim to see your hair goals quicker. This is the “Goal Point Method.” This length based trim should ONLY be performed dry, straightened hair. First, examine your ends. You will see that some hair is going to be longer than other hairs. The bulk or majority of your hair will be at a certain length. Those longer hairs will make your hair appear scraggly and uneven on the ends. So now you must determine your next length goal. It should not be more than 2-4 inches longer than the bulk of your hair. Now, simply trim off the hair that goes beyond the goal length and wait for your hair to fill in thickly at the new goal point length. Keep it trimmed at this length until the bulk fills in at the new length! Congratulations! You just completed the “Goal Point Method.”  You use this type of trim when you are trying to gain length, as fast as possible, on healthy hair.

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