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  • 2months hair growth with @hairfinity vitamins! Amazing results so far considering my hair was just breaking off before due to hormones and over processing. Just ordered another 2 months supply!

  • This happen in 4 months! First beauty line that works for me.. I totally love my hair now, thank you @hairfinity #hairfinity

  • Starting to see results after 4 months using @hairfinity #hairgrowth #hairfinity #almostthere #rapunzelletdownyourhair

  • Btw forgot! Quick #hairfinity update, I just finished my last two pills of my first bottle the other day (I accidentally forgot a few days oops!) so it’s been approx 5 weeks since I started. As you can see there’s not TOO much growth, it could be due to the angle of my head, but naturally, hair grows as a rate of at least 1/4 inch per month on average so I’m thinking this just may be my natural growth (REALLY SLOW) and not from the supplements. Although i can say it does look thicker (but that may be due to the darker color?

  • 30 days of #hairfinity @hairfinity

  • Here is my first progress picture using @hairfinity . It’s only been 3 weeks but i can notice such a change in my hair. It’s fuller sheds less, and it’s crazy but @hairfinity actually enhanced my moods ? Does that happen to anyone ? Lol I’m very excited to see how long my hair will be in a few more months . My hair was barely wet in the first picture . It was just lifeless after wearing clip in extensions for months straight . Thank you @hairfinity for brining youth back to my hair and body ! #hairfinity#curlyhair #natural #hairskinandnails Don’t mind the unpleasant face lol

  • Boost Your Hair Health With Hairfinity

  • I’m a liddo excited right now. So I cut/trimmed my hair in October. I started taking @hairfinity mid November I believe. I’m halfway through my 2nd bottle bc I’ve forgotten to take them dozens of times but I swear my hair has grown twice as fast as it usually would. My hair pretty much takes a whole year to grow an inch so this is a big deal right now! Lol My hair is almost back at the length it was before I cut it. Can I get an amen? #happygirl #hairfinity #twomonthprogress #yayme!


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