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Beach Hair: 8 Steps to Getting That Look

The long, tousled waves of beach hair are the it-look for the season – and you don’t have to swim in saltwater to get them. If you can’t get to the beach this summer, you can bring the beach to your hair. Here are 8 steps to getting that beachy-wave look without the ocean. 1. […]

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Summer Hair Care: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy All Season Long

Summer means long days at the beach and long nights at your fave bar with outdoor seating. It also means you need a summer hair care routine to keep your hair healthy all season long. Even if you feel rested and relaxed, all that outdoor exposure can spell major damage for your hair if you’re […]

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Hypothyroidism and Your Hair

Whether your hair turns gray and falls out or stays a thick mane of vibrant color is dependent on your body having proper levels of thyroid hormones.  A common issue for those plagued with hypothyroidism is fine, dry, slow-growing and/or thinning hair. When your thyroid is not functioning up to par, the body will attempt […]

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Managing the Natural You

  The decision to “go natural” is a big one. But natural hair requires special attention to keep it soft, shiny and lustrous. To people of color, the term “natural hair” refers to hair that is free from chemical relaxers and other harsh styling practices. More and more, individuals are choosing to forgo processed hairstyling […]

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How to Test Your Hair’s Porosity

Healthy hair is sometimes more than how it looks or feels. The composition of your hair isn’t visible to the naked eye, but does affect how manageable your hair is. Porosity, one of those characteristics we may not think about much, can make a big difference in how your hair reacts to chemicals and daily […]

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Is Your Brush Damaging Your Hair?

  Using a hair brush is seen as a convenient way to style and/or detangle hair; however, brushing hair incorrectly can result in split ends and damaged hair. Improper us of a hair brush, including plastic bobble-tipped brushes and boar bristle brushes, can cause some degree of damage and split ends when used to detangle hair. […]

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Knowing When to Trim Your Hair

Wondering when you should trim your hair? Don’t settle for the traditional trimming timeline. Although the hair growth process is the same for us all, the way that our hair grows differs from person to person. There are many reasons to trim your hair but none of them involves hair growth – that is a […]

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