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Hair Care:

Tame the Mane: Tips for Styling Thick Hair

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle a thick mane in heat or humidity, you know how hard it can be to make your hair behave. Sure, your stylist marvels about how much gorgeous hair you have, but the rest of the time? Try dealing with a super dry scalp or waiting for ages while your […]

Hair Care:

How to Style & Prevent Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be a huge problem for women who want to style their hair every day. Hair thinning is mostly experienced by women and it poses certain styling challenges for them. Research has shown that hair problems have some serious psychological effects on women. They spend nearly half of their life savings trying to […]

Hair Care:

Seal in Moisture with Natural Products

  When it comes to moisturizing your hair, you prefer natural products over those packed with ingredient names you can barely pronounce. While natural ingredients have been around forever, they’re getting a lot more recognition in the beauty industry today, so they’ve become much more accessible and affordable. Remember that water actually adds moisture to […]

Hair Care:

Can Hair Extensions Help the Health of Your Hair? Hint: Yes

Do you envy the Kardashians their long, shiny locks? Don’t feel bad – it’s impossible to achieve that look without a little extra help – from hair extensions. Done right, they can even boost the health of your hair. Whether you choose tape-in, keratin, or sewn-in extensions, weaves can take the pressure off while you’re […]

Hair Care:

How to Love Your Hair Type (No Matter What It Is)

It’s a universal truth: when you have curls, you long for straight hair. When your hair is stick-straight, you just want waves. But you can learn to love your hair type – no matter what it is. We’ve pulled together a primer on identifying your hair type, what kinds of challenges you can expect when […]

Hair Care:

Discover the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Your Hair

There are more hair products available than ever before, particularly for women with curly tresses. Many hair care companies know they’re dealing with savvy consumers, so ingredients have greatly improved. While you’ll find plenty of great products on store shelves, you may already have a few sitting in your kitchen. Coconut oil is one of […]


What’s the Best Summer Party Hair for Your Face Shape?

Bride, guest or garden party reveler, the summer is always packed with weddings and parties. But first things first: Hair. (Of course.) Below, we’ve pulled together this handy cheat sheet to find the best summer party hair for your face shape. From glamorous structured waves to romantic side-swept hair, get the most flattering look for […]

Hair Care:

8 Care Tips for Naturally Straight Hair

Just because you have the naturally straight hair other women lust after, doesn’t mean your hair care routines are a walk in the park. In fact, your hair may even require a little more day-to-day maintenance, since straight hair is more susceptible to oil, dirt, and moisture. Here are 8 of our care tips for […]


Chemical Straighteners: Are They Really That Bad For Your Hair?

For some women, chemical straighteners are just a way of life. But are they really that bad for your hair? According to Laken Rose, senior artistic manager at Kenra Professional, chemically straightening your hair is a pretty personal decision – but it’s one that will permanently alter the texture of your hair. “Your texture is […]

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