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Hair Care:

Stress and Hair Growth (Hint: They’re Related)

  Noticing extra hair in the shower drain? All this shedding could be an indicator that your body’s under stress, and it’s had enough – and it’s affecting your hair growth. When your body experiences stress, whether hormonal or traumatic, it can respond by sending brand new – and confusing – signals to your follicles. […]


Stuck in a Hairstyle Rut? How to Break Free of Your Old ‘Do

  Whether you’re growing out a pixie or transitioning to natural hair, there comes a point when you just feel like you’re stuck in a hairstyle rut. Stop feeling bad and start getting creative! We’ve come up with a host of perfect ways to break free of your old hairstyle, no matter where you’re at […]

شعر طويل مع هيرفينيتي


Haircut Regret: How to Avoid It (And What To Do If It’s Too Late)

It’s happened to everyone. Your stylist turns you around in the chair, and you hate what you see in the mirror – you have haircut regret. With a few simple steps, you can avoid haircut regret and the pain of an awkward growing out phase. Too late? Sporting a haircut you hate? No problem – […]


13 Essential Foods for Healthy Hair

  Living a healthy lifestyle can reflect on your skin and hair. This means anything you eat can also affect the condition of your hair. Yes, it is time to minimize (or better yet, avoid) junk foods, like pizza, burgers, and fried dishes. For example, fatty and oily food can make our sebaceous glands more […]

Hair Growth:

Foods that Help Hair Grow

Hair is one of the most prominent features of our overall personality because we are always very concerned about its health and growth. Whether it’s a desire to look good or desperation for a new haircut, we try to make our locks look better and healthier by applying every little trick or suggestion we come […]


Coconut Oil For Hair: Easy Tips and Tricks

Coconut oil for hair has long been known as a great benefit to hair health. Coconut oil is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which are all beneficial to the human body, in a variety of ways. In recent years, coconut oil has been all the rage and has been used in the preparation of […]


Does Drinking Water Affect Your Hair?

If you thought the recommendation to drink your water (six to eight servings a day) was bogus – or impossible – you may want to reconsider. Turns out staying hydrated is the key to healthy, shiny hair – and a whole host of other benefits for your bod. Read on to discover 10 reasons why […]

Hair Care:

Hair Breakage vs Hair Shedding – How to Know the Difference

Everyone loses hair each day. The average amount of hair shedding is between 50 and 100 strands per day. It’s normal to lose slightly more, but if you’re experiencing a great deal of shedding, you’re probably wondering why.  Hair shedding is different from breakage, and both excessive shedding and hair breakage are areas of concern. […]

شعر طويل مع هيرفينيتي


How to Prevent Hair Breakage?

Working out has become one of the most essential activities in our daily routine but have you ever wondered how excessive sweating can damage your hair? It for sure has some quite harmful effects on our hair and scalp health. There are many other such activities and habits we commonly have that are unhealthy for […]

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