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Stuck in a Hairstyle Rut? How to Break Free of Your Old ‘Do

  Whether you’re growing out a pixie or transitioning to natural hair, there comes a point when you just feel like you’re stuck in a hairstyle rut. Stop feeling bad and start getting creative! We’ve come up with a host of perfect ways to break free of your old hairstyle, no matter where you’re at […]


Up-dos For Everyone (Go Beyond the Bun)

  Whether you need to look sleek and put together for a company dinner, or wispy and romantic for a springtime wedding, there are chic up-dos for everyone that go way beyond the basic bun. And no matter what they tell you in the stylist’s chair, even a girl who lobbed off her hair can […]

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Stress and Hair Growth (Hint: They’re Related)

  Noticing extra hair in the shower drain? All this shedding could be an indicator that your body’s under stress, and it’s had enough – and it’s affecting your hair growth. When your body experiences stress, whether hormonal or traumatic, it can respond by sending brand new – and confusing – signals to your follicles. […]

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Secret Scalp Nourishing Superfoods

Have you ever seen someone with hair that you couldn’t stop sneaking glances at? Chances are you have, and you probably wondered how much she spends to maintain that shiny, voluminous mane. What you may not have considered is, what her eating habits might consist of. Did you know that the easiest way to fabulous looking […]

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Frizzy Hair, Not Today

You’ve washed and styled your hair exactly like the girl did in the video that your friend sent you last week. But instead of the beautiful, smooth, shiny curls that the video ended with –  all you’re left with is frizzy hair. It happens all the time, but you’re usually between salon visits and you […]

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Hair Care Tips for Porosity Repair

    Have you ever been told by a hair care professional that you have porous hair? Are you even aware what porosity is and how to identify it. We generally think of our hair in terms of length, thickness, and overall health. We rarely seek out hair care options for managing the porosity of […]

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Cruelty Free Beauty

Trends in the world of beauty are constantly changing. One of the most significant changes has been the move toward products that are safe for the consumer, the environment, and produced in laboratories that have cruelty free practices. Brock Beauty is no exception. We are constantly working on our formulas and packaging to ensure that […]


13 Essential Foods for Healthy Hair

  Living a healthy lifestyle can reflect on your skin and hair. This means anything you eat can also affect the condition of your hair. Yes, it is time to minimize (or better yet, avoid) junk foods, like pizza, burgers, and fried dishes. For example, fatty and oily food can make our sebaceous glands more […]

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Foods that Help Hair Grow

Hair is one of the most prominent features of our overall personality because we are always very concerned about its health and growth. Whether it’s a desire to look good or desperation for a new haircut, we try to make our locks look better and healthier by applying every little trick or suggestion we come […]

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