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Online Hair Consultation

Your hair is as unique as you are! This quick consultation will help you discover your specific hair needs. You will receive personalized recommendations to address your concerns and meet your goals.


Your Information

عن طريق الاشتراك، أنت توافق على أن تقوم بروك بيوتي بإرسال إعلانات أو رسائل تسويقية باستخدام نظام الاتصال الآلي عبر الهاتف إلى رقم الهاتف المحمول الذي قدمته إلى بروك بيوتي . ليس مطلوبا منك أن توافق على هذا لشراء المنتجات من بروك بيوتي . سوف تقوم بإستلام ما يصل إلى 10 رسائل شهريا. قد يتم تطبيق رسوم على البيانات والرسائل. لإنهاء الاشتراك من الرسائل قم بالرد بكلمة إيقاف على الرقم 39771. للمساعدة قم بالرد على أي رسالة بكلمة مساعدة أو أرسال مساعدة على الرقم 39771 عرض كامل الشروط والأحكام. عرض نهج الخصوصية.

What is your age? (choose 1)

What is your ethnicity? (choose 1)

In what climate do you live? (choose all that apply)

How thick are your strands? (choose 1)

This represents the diameter of your hair and should not be confused with hair pattern. For example, Asian hair is typically very coarse because each strand is very thick. However, Asian hair is typically very straight. African hair, on the other hand is typically very fine. African hair often has a curly or coily pattern.

Have you chemically altered your hair? (choose all that apply)

Chemically straightened / curly / smoothed Which image best represents your hair?

What is your hair pattern? (choose 1)

Straight Which image best represents your hair?

Wavy Which image best represents your hair?

Curly Which image best represents your hair?

Coily Which image best represents your hair?

Daytime styling? (choose all that apply)

Nighttime styling? (choose all that apply)

Tell us your hair problems... (choose all that apply)

What are your hair goals? (choose all that apply)

Your Consultation Results

Your personalized recommendation is ready! View your custom hair care regimen and recommended products below.

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