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HAIRFINITY Tensile Strength Test ONLY

Price in reward points: 489
Reward Points: 39

HAIRFINITY’s Tensile Strength Test allows us to evaluate the true strength of your hair and provide you with a specific course of action to reach your hair goals.  This test will determine how much tension your hair can handle before it breaks.

**Please note that this analysis does not include the Microscopic Analysis or Hair Diameter Test.

How Does the Tensile Strength Test Work?

When you order the Hair Analysis, you receive a kit to send us your hair sample by mail.

When we receive your hair sample, we will perform the Tensile Strength Test. Once the test is complete we will send your results in a easy to read report.  Additionally, you will be provided with a customized hair care regimen with recommendations on how to address the damage, specific products that will help improve and maintain the health of your hair, as well as other valuable tips about how to better care for your hair.

Please note: Customer's hair must be at least 4 inches long. We will need at least 20 strands to obtain accurate results.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to receive the results the analysis.

Results will be sent to the email address provided by the customer.

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