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HAIRFINITY Hair Diameter Test ONLY

Price in reward points: 489
Reward Points: 39

HAIRFINITY’s Hair Diameter Test measures the diameter of your hair strands. The results of this test are used to create a customized plan of action to address your hair concerns.

**Please note this analysis does not include the Microscopic Analysis or the Tensile Strength Tests.

How Does It Work?

After ordering the Hair Diameter Test, expect a kit to arrive with instructions on how to send in your hair sample. Once the sample is received, your hair will be tested, and a report on the condition of your hair will be created along with a customized plan of action to address your hair concerns. Test results and hair care plan are detailed, easy to read, and include hair care tips and product recommendations.

Please note: Your hair must be at least 4 inches or 10.5 cm long to qualify for this test. A minimum of 20 strands are needed for accurate results.

Allow up to 4 weeks for test results and hair care plan to be completed and emailed to the address provided in your order.

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