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HAIRFINITY Complete Hair Analysis

Price in reward points: 1241
Reward Points: 99

HAIRFINITY’s Complete Hair Analysis examines your hair at a microscopic level, truly getting to the “root” of your hair concerns. The results of this test are used to create a customized plan of action for reaching your hair goals.

This is done in three parts:

  1. Microscopic Analysis
  • Identifies damage to the hair’s cuticle and cortex
  • Identifies split / fibrillated shaft and ends
  • Identifies hair shape and pattern


  1. Tensile Strength Test
  • Determines how much tension your hair can handle before it breaks.


  1. Hair Diameter Test
  • Determines the hair diameter (thickness/thinness) so you know how to properly care for your hair.


How Does It Work?

After ordering the Complete Hair Analysis, expect a kit to arrive with instructions on how to send in your hair sample. Once the sample is received, your hair will be tested, and a report on the condition of your hair will be created along with a customized plan of action to address your hair concerns. Test results and hair care plan are detailed and easy to read, and include hair care tips and product recommendations.

Please note: Your hair must be at least 4 inches or 10.5 cm long to qualify for this test. A minimum of 20 strands are needed for accurate results.Please note: Customer's hair must be at least 4 inches long. We will need at least 20 strands to obtain accurate results.

Allow up to 4 weeks for test results and hair care plan to be completed and emailed to the address provided in your order.

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