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Hair Vitamins

This unique combination of vitamins, minerals and our exclusive CAPILSANA® Complex nourishes your hair from within, for longer, stronger more beautiful results. Loved by millions of women from all over the world.

Hair Vitamin Boosters

Dull, limp, stressed or damaged hair is no match for our Supplement Boosters. Taken along with our Healthy Hair Vitamins (or alone), they’re formulated to target specific issues, giving your hair just the right nutrient “boost” it needs. 

Hair Care Products

Get LONGER, STRONGER HAIR FASTER with products proven to significantly reduce hair breakage and infuse your hair with vital nutrients, natural botanicals and our exclusive CAPILSANA® Complex. Created without sulfates, silicones, parabens, and other harsh ingredients.
Significantly Reduces Breakage
$98.00 $96.00
Renews Moisture and Vitality
$69.00 $67.00
The Healthy Hair Essentials
$40.00 $39.00
For Total Hair Care
$148.00 $143.00
Reverses Signs of Damage
$65.00 $63.00
For Dry, Thirsty Hair
$116.00 $113.00
Total Hair Makeover
$318.00 $250.00
Sulfate-Free, Hydrating Formula Reduces Breakage
Reduces up to 95% of Breakage - Silicone Free
Super-Concentrated Spot Treatment for Fast Results

Beneath The Weave

Hairfinity’s Beneath the Weave products are formulated with cooling, soothing ingredients to nourish your natural hair and scalp when extensions, weaves or protective styles are part of your look.  Stops scalp itch while hydrating and refreshing.  Can also be used without extensions for scalp protection and nourishment.
Scalp Therapy Stops Itching while Hydrating
$40.00 $39.00
Total Hair Nourishment
$154.00 $150.00
Defend From Breakage, Matting and Dryness
$129.00 $127.00

Hair Analysis Tests

Sometimes you can’t get to the “root” of your hair issues with just the naked eye. Our Hair Analysis Tests examine your hair at a microscopic level, evaluating its strength, texture and more. These findings are then used to create a customized plan tailored precisely to your hair’s unique needs.


Measure your success and track your journey to longer, stronger hair with our iconic hair measurement shirt. Then celebrate your hair-power with our capsule collection of tees featuring exclusive designs by artist Keturah Ariel.

Silk Sleep Essentials

Protect your hair from damaging friction as you slumber with our Silk Sleep Essentials. Unlike other satin sleep products, ours are stitched from 100% Mulberry silk, prized for its strength, durability and luxurious smoothness.
Protect Your Hair As You Sleep
$85.00 $49.00
Eliminates Damaging Friction
$45.00 $29.00


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