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Around the world, HAIRFINITY is transforming women’s hair with its unique blend of vitamins, nutrients and our exclusive Capilsana® Complex.

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Why Hairfinity?

HAIRFINITY is an innovation in hair care. Unlike most hair care products which only work on the surface, HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamins work to improve the maintenance of your hair from the inside of your body.

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Hairfinity is an innovation in Hair Care

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What is Hairfinity?

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins are food supplements formulated with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for beautiful hair.

Which Products should I use while taking Hairfinity?

Do you suffer with breakage or shedding? Your hair care regimen may be to blame. Get a free hair care consultation to learn which products to use with your HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamins for the best results. Don’t have time right now? View a list of our favorite hair care products.

How does it work?

HAIRFINITY fills in the gaps that may be left by your regular diet to provide your body with additional nutrition for beautiful hair. Each ingredient in HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamins was specifically chosen for the special role it plays in helping create the ideal environment in your body for hair to thrive.

How is Hairfinity different from other products?

HAIRFINITY works from the inside out by giving your hair the nutrients it needs to look its best. Our exclusive CAPILSANA® COMPLEX provides the hair with many of its naturally occurring building blocks through the strengthening amino acids in Hydrolyzed Collagen, sulfur-containing MSM for vitality, and hair boosting Horsetail with silica.

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