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Deep Repairing Kit

€78.00 €74.00
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The Hairfinity Deep Repairing Kit gently cleanses and strengthens your hair, while replenishing its optimal moisture level. Proven to repair split ends and significantly reduce hair breakage. Need to maintain moisture and restore vitality? Discover the incredible value of our Hairfinity Ultimate Revival Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse Shampoo (12 oz) - A sulfate-free, hydrating cleanser to gently remove impurities from scalp and strands without stripping your hair’s natural moisture. The result: Soft, refreshed hair perfectly primed for the nourishing benefits of HAIRFINITY Balanced Moisture Conditioner. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 82%.
  • Balanced Moisture Conditioner (12 oz) - This moisture-rich formula gently detangles, smoothes and replenishes hair to its optimal moisture level from root to tip. The result: De-stressed hair that’s healthy, soft and manageable. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 87%.
  • Strengthening Amino Masque (8oz) - A reparative formula that works by infusing amino acids into the hair shaft, reinforcing the cuticle for stronger, smoother healthier results. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 86%; split ends show a 96% reduction and 68% complete repair.

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