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Split End Mender Kit - Autoship

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The Hairfinity Split End Mender Kit gently hydrates and strengthens your hair while reducing split ends by up to 92%.

Kit Includes:

  • Gentle Cleanse Shampoo (12 oz) - A sulfate-free, hydrating cleanser to gently remove impurities from scalp and strands without stripping your hair’s natural moisture. The result: Soft, refreshed hair perfectly primed for the nourishing benefits of HAIRFINITY Balanced Moisture Conditioner. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 82%.
  • Balanced Moisture Conditioner (12 oz) - This moisture-rich formula gently detangles, smoothes and replenishes hair to its optimal moisture level from root to tip. The result: De-stressed hair that’s healthy, soft and manageable. Proven to reduce hair breakage up to 87%.
  • Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner (8 oz) - A lightweight, non-greasy leave-in spray that smoothes and softens hair with an ultra-nourishing mineral infusion. Proven to reduce breakage up to 84% while reducing 92% of split ends.

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